Interview with Elaine Marie Cooper

How long have you been writing?

I actually started to write as a child. My father encouraged me and I would spend my non-school time creating poems, stories, even a TV show script! LOL! After I became a wife and Mom in my early 20’s, I started writing humorous poems to survive all the spit-up and poopy diapers. My husband took them to work at the newspaper where he was a reporter. The features editor saw them and asked my husband if I might want to try out doing some feature stories. That led to two weekly columns that I wrote, plus other stories for another small newspaper. Eventually I began freelancing for magazines. It was not until 2007 that I became serious about attempting a novel.

What genre do you usually write?

My favorite is inspirational historical romance so that became my passion. 

What made you choose that genre?

I love history!! I grew up in Massachusetts surrounded by the history of the American Revolution. It is literally “in my blood” as my ancestors were a part of that conflict.

Does it take a lot of research to write historical fiction?

Let’s put it this way: I’m just glad I didn’t realize how much research was involved when I took on the challenge of writing about the 1700’s! But FUN? YES!! I love it, reading books and letters written in that time to get a feel for the language of the era, reading about their simple yet harsh existence, seeing what all of our ancestors endured just to survive—it is inspiring. The best part is visiting the historical sites in person. That is TRULY inspiring.

Do you have any books published?

The Road to Deer Run was published in 2010, The Promise of Deer Run in 2011, and the third book in the Deer Run saga, The Legacy of Deer Run will be published this year. It is under contract with Sword of the Spirit Publishing.

Can you tell us a little about your latest book?

My latest released book, The Promise of Deer Run, is set in 1790 in Western Massachusetts. It involves a young veteran of the Revolution who suffers from, what we now know to be, post traumatic stress. He has isolated himself from the town, but a chance encounter with a young woman opens up his heart. However, terrible lies are told and hearts are deeply wounded. It is a very intricate plot involving many characters and filled with themes of forgiveness, faithfulness, and love. It recently won Best Romance at the Los Angeles Book Festival, an honor that I was overjoyed to receive!

Do you enjoy reading?

I LOVE to read and wish I had more time to read just for pleasure rather than research!

What genre do you usually read?

Although I enjoy a good contemporary romance, my true passion is historical romance that is well-researched and well-told. Since I spent fifteen years working as a nurse, I find myself reading any passages involving medical care with great scrutiny. J

Can you tell us about the book you’re working on now?

My current Work-In-Progress (WIP) is The Legacy of Deer Run, also set in Western Massachusetts, including the city of Springfield and the armory that is still located there. The main characters are a young man who works at the Armory and a recently arrived young woman from Boston who puts up her nose at the lowly armory workers. Class struggle ensues! This story is filled with intrigue, faith, forgiveness, and plenty of drama. And, as always, lots of romance.

 What words of advice would you give to beginning writers?

Pray. How’s that for simple advice? Also, either take on-line writer’s workshop courses, and/or attend smaller writer’s conferences that provide work shops. There are several good books for fledgling writers. If you want to write fiction, Jeff Gerke’s book The Art and Craft of Writing Christian Fiction is said to be excellent. I have to say “said to be” in order to be honest—I own it and fully intend to read it! Connect with other writers on Facebook—they are a wealth of information and have blogs that speak of the basics of writing techniques. And be open to all forms of publication. Large traditional publishing houses are hurting right now. There are many smaller companies that produce quality books and self-pubbing is also an option. But the best advice I would give any writer is to HIRE A GREAT EDITOR.


Elaine Marie Cooper is the author of the Deer Run Saga: The Road to Deer Run, The Promise of Deer Run, and the soon-to-be-released, The Legacy of Deer Run; she is also a contributing writer to Fighting Fear: Winning the War at Home by Edie Melson.  Find out more at her blog, Reflections In Hindsight.

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