Book Review: My Fair Princess – #amreading

Review by Pauline Creeden

In the typical arranged marriage, two people who have never met come together in the most intimate union possible. Often, the couple is made up of a much older man who “buys” his wife in an exchange for better trade routes. In this novella, Nona King tells the tale of a couple coming into the this arrangement with hope of actually falling in love.

The book explores the potential of love as a choice, provided that both make the choice to do so. Shamus, the Mayor of his town is offered the hand of Princess Nia, sworn protector of her land. Both are young, beautiful, and full of hope. There are potential story lines which could be expanded for a sequel. Though it works as a stand alone, there’s enough backstory to hint at a prequel as well. This is a fun, sweet read with romantic tension peppered in for spice.

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