Space Battles: Full-Throttle Space Tales #6

Review by Pauline Creeden

Often Sci-Fi is appealing to readers because it provides an escape while simultaneously bringing the reader into an intelligent and logical look at problems found in our present society. It is sharp in its manipulation of the reader’s contemplation.  The stories found in this genre bring to the readers mind, almost subconsciously, difficulties in our culture with the treatment of females, race, religion, violence, and justice.  They twist the subject into a forgivable future that can shape our thinking. Reading this book has reminded me of all the reasons I love Sci-Fi.

In Space Battles: Full-Throttle Space Tales #6, the reader is privy to tales of characters who are attacked because of race or religion, hunted by an avenger, hunted for food, attacked by an unknown enemy, and given no quarter.  Each of the stories in this anthology brings the reader into the life or death struggle of war in the Sci-Fi medium of space travel.  This is a book both to be enjoyed as well as savored.

Short fiction gives the reader the opportunity to peer into a short moment of a “person’s” life.  These battles are turning points for the characters.  The authors of these tales can be lauded for their abilities to develop credible people who we care about as they battle for their lives.  If you are interested in adrenaline pumping suspense combined with clever twists in short bites this one’s for you.


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