Review: The Princess Bride

The Princess Bride was originally written in 1973, but most of us didn’t know it existed until Goldman produced and wrote the screenplay for the Rob Reiner Film in 1987. This comedy, adventure, fantasy, and romance has appealed to a wide range of audiences for twenty-five years and is considered by most to be a classic.

The creative genius of Goldman zings a series of one-liners that are so ingrained in the geek culture that most can recite the screenplay as the movie progresses. I am one of those. I hadn’t seen the movie in a dozen years, and yet when my son watched it for the first time, I could say all of the lines.

So, curious, I bought the book.

The movie maintains two narratives, the story of a grandfather telling the story to his sick grandson, and the story of Buttercup and Wesley. The book has no grandpa narrative, but instead has a whole new story line. In this subplot, Goldman weaves the tale of his adventures in narrating the original story from Florinese writer, S. Morganstern. He discusses the history of Florin and Guilder complete with maps and a visit to the present day museum, as well as the sequel he’d planned. He leaves the reader guessing and performing Google searches galore.

Unlike Pride & Prejudice, most in geek culture would not say that they had one favorite character so much as loving all the characters. Knowing that if you are reading this review, you are likely one of the many fans, what is your favorite line in the movie?