September Contest: Connection by Bruce Lee Vesely

Beemer dove deep, racing his cousin down to the purple depths. Neither of them could go too deep yet, but given time, they would be able to reach the black. But for now the purple was as deep as they could go. They were well matched, so it was no surprise when they both turned back toward the surface at the same time. Rising out of the water, Beemer released a jet of air from his blowhole and splashed back down into the green water.

A cry of alarm caught his attention as he re-entered the water. His mother was swimming towards him at high speed. He reached out with his mind and could ‘hear’ her urging him to flee. Beemer kicked hard with his tail and was up to speed as his mother caught up to him. He reached out with his mind for his cousin, and felt something strange; something he had never felt before. Not realizing what he was doing, Beemer stopped fleeing and turned toward the new sensation.


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