September Contest: Fertility Pirates by Lynn Donovan

Molly’s sister, Kita, shouldn’t have come home—ever. She rushed through the transportation station. Kita had left seven years ago on an Abraham Project—a missionary pilgrimage six-hundred light years away. It had been a life-time commitment…supposedly. The telecom said Kita needed help getting home. But why?

“Molly Jacobsen, report to gabardine information kiosk.”

Molly reached behind her ear and pressed her own com link. The message repeated in her hearing only. Her stomach already felt tight, now it was cramping.

Gabardine information kiosk? She looked around for something—anything that resembled gabardine. Was that green?

Molly half ran through the T. Station. She calculated Kita had been on the planet ten months before the decision was made to send her back home. What went wrong? It was a three-year hibernation trip—how could anybody survive two suspensions in seven years? It just does NOT make sense! Kita was one of the top candidates. Why would they send her back?

Why did she go in the first place? Molly believed in helping the oppressed. But to trek across the universe to help people with fertility and at the expense of her own family…! Not to mention forever leaving her twin—


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