September Contest: Northern Lights by Kristine Morgan


Nanny sighed as she carried the lefse to the table. She hated saying goodbye and had hoped to leave Sideby quietly. But her sisters, being afraid they would never see her again, had planned this long weekend at Annika’s seaside cabin. All of the family had gathered along with some friends for a goodbye feast. Even Olaf had come, although he sat off to the side glowering.

Olaf had decided long ago that he and Nanny would marry and live here in Sideby as had their families for generations, but he failed to ask Nanny what she wanted.
“Nanny , are you sure you really wish to travel all the way to America?” asked Annika. “You don’t have to marry Olaf, if you stay, Peter says he can find you a job and you are welcome to stay with us.”
“I’m sorry, but I really must go, in fact I look forward to the adventure. Helmi and I have our trip planned, Greta and Ivan are waiting for us in Boston. Greta says we will have no problem getting jobs. And just think, we’ll get to see so many things. I can’t wait.”
“Well ,if you are sure. We will miss you so much! I want you to be the first to know, you’ll be aunt in February!” Annika confided.
“How wonderful! You will be sure to write and let me know all about the baby. But I won’t change my mind. Tomorrow Helmi and I will be in Kristenstad ready to board the Norden on Tuesday. Our trunks are packed and the tickets paid for. I’ll miss you, but it’s time I made my own life. I’m ready. Don’t worry I’ll be fine.” and with that Nanny hugged Annika and wandered off to get her supper.


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