September Contest: Storm Chase by Kessie Carroll

Nobody wants to witness the death of a whole world, but when the Subspace Storm devoured her world, Xironi and her grandfather were among the last to flee.

Xironi clung to him and gripped her robot cat, Esca. Over his shoulder, the sky churned black and purple. Red lightning laced the billowing clouds and illuminated the houses below. The wind sucked at their clothes and thunder boomed like cannon-fire.

“Where’s Mommy and Daddy?” Her grandfather panted, “At the meeting point.” Xironi’s grandfather used his magic to cover thirty feet to a stride.

They fled down the street, through a park and across roof domes. The storm pursued. As the clouds rolled over the world, three houses and a clump of trees tumbled end over end into the sky, where the Storm swallowed them.

The ground shook and her grandfather staggered, tail whipping about for balance. Other people fled around them, traveling in short teleport-hops.

Xironi watched, wide-eyed. As long as Grandfather carried her, the Storm couldn’t hurt her. Where were Mommy and Daddy? The road behind them exploded in a plume of orange fire. Cracks snaked through the pavement and buildings caved in on themselves. Her grandfather grunted and teleported.


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