Review: Two Tickets to the Christmas Ball by Donita K. Paul

Review by Pauline Creeden

When I hear the name “Donita K. Paul,” I usually think Dragonlady. That’s what she’s known for, right? Sweet romance? I didn’t quite make that connection. But when I was offered a chance to look at Two Tickets to the Christmas Ball: A Novella, I took it up.

This very cute story about a couple who passed each other around the office every day, but barely knew each other had surprising twists and memerable turns. The characters were easy to get along with, and made reasonable and rational decisions based on their imperfect pasts. Their lifes are thrown together during the Christmas season because both found a ticket in their book purchases at a difficult-to-find nearby bookstore…which no one seems to remember seeing before. Tickets to a ball which no one seems to have heard of.

The mystery and magical elements are uniquely Donita K. Paul, so her fantasy fans will not be disappointed. In the vein of The Shack, this book adds some biblical truths in eye-opening ways that are unobtrusive to the storyline. I thoroughly enjoyed this read.

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