Book Blurb: Renewing Peace by Sophie Dawson

Leah, trying to flee her memories of the Civil War, moves to Stones Creek, Colorado in 1867 following the death of her surgeon father. She followed along as he treated Union soldiers in battle after battle. In 1861 the 15 year old begins by giving comfort and aid to the wounded. By 1865 she’s done more than anyone would expect from an untrained girl. Two years later the sounds, smells and sights still haunt her. She only wants to be a seamstress and forget.
Eli has come to Stones Creek when he’s rejected as a doctor in his home town because of the scars on his face, arm and hand. Finding welcome from a war buddy and the townspeople, Eli is puzzled by Leah’s coldness and avoidance.
Why does this woman who is friendly to everyone else in town reject his offer of friendship? Why does she avoid looking at his face?
How can she have peace knowing she is responsible for his scars? How could God have lead her to a town where the one person she wanted to forget lives, works and wants to be her friend?