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For Will Innis and his daughter, Devlin, the loss was catastrophic. Every day for the past five years, they wonder where she is, if she is—Will’s wife, Devlin’s mother—because Rachael Innis vanished one night during an electrical storm on a lonely desert highway, and suspected of her death, Will took his daughter and fled. Now, Will and Devlin live under different names in another town, having carved out a new life for themselves as they struggle to maintain some semblance of a family.

A British Bride by Agreement
Widowed and far from her native England, Emma Banks is devastated to realized the scope of her dead husband’s financial disaster created by his secret addictions. Facing eviction from her cottage on the Steller estate, and morally unable to accept her con-artist parent’s money, she is terrified of being sent to prison. Is a marriage-of convenience proposal from Jonathan Steller, heir to the Steller beverage fortune an answer to her prayers? Still reeling from being jilted at the altar, Jonathan Steller must find a wife and produce two kids to meet his father’s requirements to be considered the heir apparent to the three generation family business, and to prevent his older, ruthless cousin from taking his place. Unpretentious Emma strives to adapt to the overwhelming expectations of this wealthy lifestyle, but she never expected to fall in love with her blue-eyed, blond-haired husband, when their marriage was merely an agreement.

Cookie Recipes from Scratch (Grama G’s Top Homemade Recipes From Scratch)
True story… when I was a teenager I always jumped at the opportunity to babysit my younger cousins. It was nice to be able to spend some quality time with them and of course the extra cash was great too, but the real reason I always said “sure” with great enthusiasm, was because I knew about the homemade cookie stash! Oh how delightful it was to go into the freezer and choose from a plethora of homemade cookies that she kept in great big Tupperware containers. I would eat many… too many actually, and only stopped when the tummy ache started.

The Pet Washer (The Pet Washer Series)
What happens when a vacationing princess befriends the local pet washer during Spring Break? Meet the pet washer! Cianna works overtime at The Royal Pet Palace and Day Spa. Here, animals are cleaned, massaged, bedazzled, and dyed to match the outfits of their masters. Cianna is popular because she invents special shampoos, flea treatments, pet foods, and toothpastes to keep the pets as healthy as they are clean.

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