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Daughter’s Inheritance, A (The Broadmoor Legacy Book #1)
From two bestselling authors comes intrigue and romance set in the opulent Thousand Islands resort area at the turn of the century. The Broadmoor Legacy book 1.

At Home Weight Loss
Imagine what it would be like to lose weight without needing a gym membership! What if I told you that you can lose a TON of weight from the comfort of your own home? Well, with this book it is now possible for you to melt fat right off your body from your home. This book on losing weight will go against a lot of the “conventional” wisdom that you have heard in the past. In fact, some of these concepts might even sound weird to you, but that is ok because when was the last time conventional wisdom has helped you lose weight?

The Timekeeper’s Moon
With her surly guardian Scarl by her side, Ariel sets out on an adventure that leads her to new friends-the beautiful Flame-Mage Sienna and the mute boy Nace, who captures Ariel’s heart. As the four travel on, strange things start to happen-fragments of Ariel’s past appear in the present, so that it seems that time itself is coming undone. At the end of the journey, Ariel will learn where her journey began, and have a chance to save her life as she knows it.

For the Love of Jazz (Crimson Romance)
Restoration architect Josie Fagan takes on a project with lawyer and senator’s son, Patrick Pullman. It’s the perfect match. She needs his endorsement to save her business and he wants to restore his ancestral Chicago home. Love wasn’t part of her plan. Neither was being asked to stay at his home, haunted by ghosts, or discovering she has a claim to his home – which she adores. When she finds out his family may be responsible for her aunt’s disappearance fifty years ago, it’s a race to unearth the truth before she loses not only her business and her heart, but also her life.

The Case for Faith: A Journalist Investigates the Toughest Objections to Christianity
In The Case for Faith, Strobel turns his tenacious investigative skills to the most persistent emotional objections to belief–the eight ‘heart’ barriers to faith. The Case for Faith is for those who may be feeling attracted to Jesus but who are faced with formidable intellectual barriers standing squarely in their path. For Christians, it will deepen their convictions and give them fresh confidence in discussing Christianity with even their most skeptical friends.

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