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Fit And Strong: Learn About Strength Training, Diet, Increasing Endurance And Recovery During Strength Training
Getting in the best shape is something that many people strive to do. People like to think about what they would look like with those great six-pack abs or those strong biceps. Well with this guide you’ll be able to learn more about how to get that great body. It takes a lot of effort to get your body in shape, especially if you’re a little overweight. But it’s absolutely possible. With just a little bit of assistance and some great tips you can be well on your way to strength training away those pounds and revealing the great body underneath.

Blogging Made Simple: Powerful Strategies For Blogging Success!
Blogging Made Simple is a powerful blogging guide. Learn from two of today’s best known bloggers who have built high-traffic blogs that support multiple streams of income and a growing list of avid followers. In Blogging Made Simple: Powerful Strategies For Blogging Success, you’ll learn the fundamentals of starting your own blog as well as step-by-step instructions on how to develop engaging content, build a growing list of blog followers, effective strategies for monetizing your blog, and little-known strategies for getting your blog ranked #1 on leading search engines.

Last Stop (Watchers)
To find his missing father, a young boy must cross over to another dimension It’s been six months since David Moore’s father disappeared. After months of strange behavior—baby talk, forgetfulness—he simply vanished forever. The Public Guardians searched Franklin City, but they couldn’t turn up a single clue. David is beginning to give up hope when his subrail train stops between stations at the abandoned Granite Street platform. On the other side of the glass he sees a crowd of people. In the middle is his father, waving.

Edward Adrift
It’s been a year of upheaval for Edward Stanton, a forty-two-year-old with Asperger’s syndrome. He’s lost his job. His trusted therapist has retired. His best friends have moved away. And even his nightly ritual of watching Dragnet reruns has been disrupted. All of this change has left Edward, who lives his life on a rigid schedule, completely flummoxed. But when his friend Donna calls with news that her son Kyle is in trouble, Edward leaves his comfort zone in Billings, Montana, and drives to visit them in Boise, where he discovers Kyle has morphed from a sweet kid into a sullen adolescent. Inspired by dreams of the past, Edward goes against his routine and decides to drive to a small town in Colorado where he once spent a summer with his father—bringing Kyle along as his road trip companion. The two argue about football and music along the way, and amid their misadventures, they meet an eccentric motel owner who just might be the love of Edward’s sheltered life—if only he can let her.

The Biscuit Witch (A Crossroads Café Novella, Book One of the MacBrides)
What she finds is Cousin Delta gone, the café in a biscuit crisis, and a Scotsman, who refuses to believe she’s passing through instead of “running from.” He believes she needs a knight in shining flannel. When a pair of sinister private eyes show up, Tal’s troubles are just beginning. For Tal’s brother and sister—Gabby, the Pickle Queen, and Gus, the Kitchen Charmer—the next part of the journey will lead down forgotten roads and into beautiful but haunted legacies.

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