Biloxi Brides (Sugar and Grits)
Contemporary Romance (formerly released as Sugar and Grits): Grab a glass of sweet tea and meander down to the edge of the Biloxi to meet three of the South’s most unlikely brides. Loaded with southern hospitality and charm, Biloxi Brides will leave hankerin’ for fried catfish, pecan pie, and a fishing pole. It will also make you want to snuggle up close to the southern gentleman of your dreams. This version contains fun recipes and southern romance tips, so grab yer fella and prepare to pucker up!

Deception: Missing, Presumed Dead (Christian Fiction › Suspense)
Haunted by her sister’s desperate cries, Tess Howard spent twenty-four years searching for Rhona.
Reunited at last, the sisters unearth a mystery that could cost them their lives …and the life of the one man who knows their dark secret.

Twin Souls (Nevermore, Book 1) – A Vampire Hunter Novel
Seventeen year old Alexis finds herself on the eve of her eighteenth birthday. What generally means a step into adulthood instead opens its way to a terrifying truth about not only her family, but herself. She comes from a long line of vampire hunters, and her real dad wants her to carry on the family quest. At the same time, she is falling for a new boy at school who has his own secret. He is a vampire. Alexis is forced to make a decision from which there is no turning back. – Will she deny this newly discovered heritage, or embrace it.

33 Amazing Recipes For Homemade Brownies – The Scrumptious Brownies Recipe Collection (The Brownie Recipe and Dessert Recipes Collection)
If you are looking for a brownies recipe this is the cookbook for you! Learn how to make chocolate brownies and other types of homemade brownies today! Learn how much better brownies from scratch taste then from a boxed mix!

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