Just Add Water (Hetta Coffey Mystery Series (Book 1))
Plying the San Francisco waterfront, trolling for triceps, her attention is snagged by a parade of passing yachts–especially their predominantly male skippers–and experiences a champagne-induced epiphany: If she had a boat, she could get a man.
In spite of a spectacular ignorance of all things nautical, Hetta buys her dream boat, but shadowy stalker, an inconvenient body, and Hetta’s own self-destructive foibles, give a whole new meaning to the phrase “sink or swim!”

Of Moths and Butterflies
Archer Hamilton is a collector of rare and beautiful insects. Gina Shaw is a servant in his uncle’s house. Clearly out of place in the position in which she has been discovered, she becomes a source of fascination . . . and curiosity.
A girl with a blighted past and a fortune she deems a curse, Gina has lowered herself in order to find escape from her family and their scheming designs. But when she is found, the stakes suddenly become dire.
All Gina wants is the freedom to live her life as she would wish. All her aunts want is the money that comes with her. But there is more than one way to trap an insect. An arranged marriage might turn out profitable for more parties than one.

The Machine (An Ethan Stone Thriller)
Steven Semyonov is a 29 year-old tech billionaire. But that’s not why everyone wants to meet him. Billionaires, after all, are commonplace. Everyone want to meet Semyonov because he is the cleverest man alive.
So when Semyonov gives up his billions in California and defects to China, never to return, there must be a reason. That reason is something called The Machine.
Ethan Stone is ex-Special Forces, turned radical activist. He runs a whistle-blowing leaks web site called Has Stone stumbled upon Semyonov’s deadly secret? Stone flies to Hong Kong in pursuit, but the dark forces around Semyonov are ready for him, and he finds himself hunted for murder. He is forced to use every ounce of his cunning to survive, and his resolve to put violent Special Forces past behind him is tested to the limit. Stone enlists the help of a spiky Chinese dissident woman named Ying Ning, and travels deeper and deeper into evade the sinister Public Security Bureau, track down the truth about Semyonov, and ultimately to find The Machine.

Death’s Angels (Volume One of the Terrarch Chronicles)
In a world of magic and gunpowder, the half-breed Rik must rise from simple soldier to the deadliest assassin the world has ever known.
In Death’s Angels, Rik and his fellow soldiers of the Seventh Infantry uncover a sinister conspiracy to waken an ancient slumbering evil. They encounter the lovely and terrible Lady Asea, immortal sorceress and ultimate manipulator of men and nations. Their deadly quest will eventually take them to the haunted city of the cannibalistic Spider God to face the hidden peril lurking there.
Death’s Angels is a thrilling tale of muskets and magic blending Lovecraftian horror with adventure in the tradition of Sharpe by the bestselling creator of Gotrek and Felix.

Your Guardian Angel (The Guardian Angel Series Book 1)
For Ruby Moore life is far more complicated than that of your average teen, for she is in no way average. Ruby is a vampire and her life as a vampire is far from traditional…
It has been one year since her normal life was brutally taken from her. Still adjusting to the shock of the change from mortal to immortal, her world is rocked again and she is taken under the wings of a guardian angel back to Sage Sanctum, a school beyond reach from the vampires that are determined to destroy her.

Rain on Your Wedding Day
RAIN ON YOUR WEDDING DAY is a modern Southern Gothic novel about one family’s tragic past and the consequences that it holds for their future.
Five years ago, Will Morse was arrested and charged with the murder of his youngest daughter Trixie. Will maintained his innocence, and claimed that Trixie’s death was a suicide. Although Will escaped criminal charges, he lost his job as a Coca-Cola executive in the scandal. His wife, Danielle, left him, convinced that he had some role in Trixie’s death. Distraught and racked by grief and guilt, Will retreated to the safety and silence of a remote cabin in the North Georgia wilderness.
Will’s only connection to the outside world is a phone call he receives once a year, at Christmas, from his daughter Alicia. But this year, Alicia calls to tell Will that she is paying him a visit. Alicia arrives with her fiancée in tow, and tells Will that she expects him to attend the wedding in the spring.

Out of the Wilderness
Survival. It makes for exciting TV, but all Josh wants a life that passes for normal. A real house, not a cabin in the woods. Hockey, not hunting to put food on the table. Girls. But his half-brother, Nathan, wants to prove himself in the Alaska wilderness, and their father won’t let him do it alone. Josh’s prospects brighten when an intriguing girl visits remote Willow Creek, but Shannon is entranced with his brother. As Nathan’s behavior grows stranger—and more dangerous—Josh confronts the dark side of what it means to be his brother’s keeper. “…[A] chilling winter’s tale.” Publisher’s Weekly

Paper Plate Gourmet – Easy Recipes for the Everyday Chef: a Cookbook for the Rest of Us [The Easy Recipes Cookbook]
Welcome to the Paper Plate Gourmet cookbook. Are you the DCIH? Designated Cook in the House? If you are you will absolutely love this easy recipe cookbook! Why purchase dozens of recipes books with so called “easy recipes” only to discover those “easy recipes” weren’t so easy. In fact most are downright difficult and full of strange ingredients no one’s ever heard of! Paper Plate Gourmet is a new kind of cookbook. It’s full of easy recipes you can actually use…RIGHT NOW. Packed with great tasting desserts, mouth watering gourmet dinners, and easy to prepare lunches that are bursting with flavor.
Michelle Collins was sick of buying entire cookbooks only to use a single recipe from a massive $20 cookbook.
“Those cookbooks are full of recipes that are extremely hard to make and full of ingredients people don’t normally have in the house. Not to mention how hard it is to find that one recipe you actually like from the ‘encyclopedia’ like organization system.” – Michelle
Instead Michelle designed Paper Plate Gourmet for the everyday chef who needs easy recipes made from normal ingredients.

Funny Woman Guide to Get Organized NOW! or at Least Sometime Before You Die. . .
* Do you have hostility towards your laundry?
* Do you feel like you are drowning in a sea of clutter?
* Are you sick and tired of “trying” to get organized?
Finally, a book written on how to get organized written by an expert–an expert in disorganization.
In this “Laugh and Learn” book, you will discover:
* Who you can blame for the mess.
* Top ten procrastination techniques of all time.
* The truth: do disorganized people have more fun?
You will discover your unique organization personality, and finally, how to Get Organized NOW! or at Least Sometime Before You Die. . .

Good Day Yoga: Your Morning Yoga Guide For Energized Days (Just Do Yoga)
In this refreshing morning edition of the Just Do Yoga series, yoga expert and author Julie Schoen reveals how yoga can help transform your mornings and your life. Good Day Yoga teaches you step-by-step how to
•Set Up An Effective and Enjoyable Home Practice
•Utilize Over 45 Yoga Poses In 3 Master Crafted Sequences That Will Energize Your Body and Mind
•Answer The Top 10 Yoga Questions About Morning Practices

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