Freedom Bridge: A Cold War Thriller
Caught in a web of dangerous intrigue, Dr. Kiril Andreyev plans his desperate escape from Soviet tyranny to freedom in the West.
But when his friend’s escape attempt ends in flames, Kiril finds his life threatened by a ruthless KGB officer.
Kiril’s last chance rests on a visiting American heart surgeon and his journalist wife. But even as Kiril plots his escape, he finds that his life depends on his materialistic mistress, on the rivalries of Soviet and East German intelligence agents, and on accidental betrayals by those he trusts most.
The story builds to a climax in a deadly confrontation on Glienicker Bridge, linking East Germany and West Berlin.
Will Dr. Kiril Andreyev succeed in his lifelong quest for freedom–and at what cost?

Effective teams: Six Secrets of Powerful Teams A practical guide to the magic of motivating and influencing teams (Project management)(The Leadership Series)
This amazing practical book will help you uncover the magic of powerful teams. Creating a strong bond between team members can be elusive, whether in small or large endeavors, at work or in your personal life. But in Effective teams: Six Secrets of Powerful Teams, team management expert Michael Nir will strip away the mystery and teach you concrete methods that make team management easier for you and more rewarding for everyone concerned.

DRT (A Ghost Story)
Greg is a lonely reporter in Washington, DC, who suffers from crippling anxiety and panic attacks. He witnesses a horrifying fatal crash early one morning and blames himself for the death of the victim. He tries to move on, but he’s haunted by an angry ghost. Greg must settle the victim’s affairs or he’ll die in seven days. Greg doesn’t know if he should help…or if this is an easy opportunity to end his own terrible existence.
DRT is the second novel from Eric Thomas. It’s an alternating look at the absurd and the shocking as he tells the story of one man’s struggle to maintain his sanity.

Foreclosed (The Mitzy Neuhaus Mysteries, a Cozy Christian Collection, Book 1)
Mitzy Neuhaus, tall, blonde, and stuck in the 80s, might be the top selling Realtor in Portlandia, but even her office is dead in this economy. Despite her complete faith that God and common sense can fix anything, she has found herself with a full staff and nothing to do–until her favorite run down mansion gets itself foreclosed, that is.
But with the homeowner desperate to keep Mitzy away from his property and Alonzo, the dangerously hot rival investor trying to snatch it out from under her, Mitzy knows she has to work fast, or the economy won’t be the only thing dead…

Secret’s in the Sauce, The (The Potluck Catering Club Book #1): A Novel
The women of the Potluck Club have decided on a bold move. They’re launching a catering business that’s a lot like them: saucy, spicy, and well-seasoned. But will personal secrets cause the business to crumble before it gets off the ground?
As the women focus on their new venture they will have to deal with a steamy past that threatens a marriage, the scalding truth about those they thought they knew, and the outrageous situations that come out of an unexpected–and revealing–trip back home. Readers will be delighted to see that the ladies of Summit View, Colorado, haven’t left the kitchen–they’ve merely turned up the heat on their most delectable adventure to date.

Betting On You (Always a Bridesmaid 1)
Lark March is over Mason Stewart, so over him she’s practically forgotten the cruel way he ended things four years ago. At least that’s what she’s told her sisters… But when Mason shows up at her best friend’s wedding, talking sweet and looking even sweeter, Lark can’t deny the man still gets to her in a major way.
Mason Stewart was a messed up kid, but he’s a man now, a man who knows what he wants and won’t stop until he’s convinced the only woman he’s ever loved that they are meant to be. He persuades Lark to give him seven days to remind her why they belong together. At the week’s end, Lark may tell him to get out of her life for good, but Mason’s betting on true love for the win.

Steel Wind Rising (The Cybarium Chronicles)
In a ruined and desolate land, a young woman finds herself stranded and alone, with no memory of her past and only a single clue to identity: an engagement ring with the inscription, ‘Cybil’. Even if she can navigate the hostile realm of homicidal, hybridised beasts, what hope does she have of ever finding home?
An encounter with some unlikely allies, offers her a chance of survival. But will the ‘smash and grab’ tactics of the continent’s most notorious smuggling crew be enough to see her through this dystopian nightmare?
They quickly find themselves caught up in the intensifying discord between the fascist City States and the anarchic Outlands. Cybil’s unyielding desire to find her lost love must take a back seat to the bonds of friendship, as her unfailing sense of loyalty draws her into a conspiracy that threatens to tear civilization apart.

THE MAGIC TOUCH (Historical Romance)
Hope is an aristocratic young lady with unconventional attitudes to love and life. When she goes to stay with her starchy Aunt Constance in London, she meets the handsome but mysterious Beaumont who shares her rebellious spirit. In order to visit one of his magic lantern shows she dresses up as a man which leads to unexpected complications in their relationship. Will her Aunt Constance get in the way of their romance, and why does Beaumont repress his feelings for Hope? Find out in this beautifully written, funny, and heart-warming historical romance.

Bored No More: A Children’s Book about Creativity
This book was written for preschool and elementary aged children. It is meant to be an inspiration for children to find pleasure in creating their own fun. It is also meant to encourage them to look at the things around them a little differently and see how they can be repurposed.
It is playfully illustrated by two sisters (still kids themselves) in a sort of “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” style.
Included in the ebook is a link for free printables including a collection of building fronts that you can print for your children to use to create their own “Recycle Bin Town.” They can fit nicely onto empty cereal boxes or other items you are recycling.

35 Family Favorite Casserole Recipes – The Quick and Easy Casseroles Collection (The Casserole Recipes and Casserole Dishes Collection)
Welcome to the third volume of the The Casserole Recipes and Casserole Dishes Collection!!
Buy this book now at its introductory rate before we raise the price to the normal price of $5.97.

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