Grandma’s Secret Holiday Recipe Cookbook
There is nothing better in the chilly holiday time of year than coming into a warm home filled with the scents of pungent holiday spices, warm caramelized sugars, and homemade breads. This Holiday recipes book is a must-have for the Thanksgiving and Christmas season. This cookbook has desserts, main dishes, side dishes, and everything in between. All recipes were created with care and with you in mind, right from Grandma’s kitchen!

The Hillbilly Housewife’s Thanksgiving Planner – Thanksgiving Recipes, Shopping Tips and Decorating Ideas For the Perfect Family Celebration On A Budget
Don’t run around like a chicken (or should that be turkey?) with its head cut off on Thanksgiving morning. The Hillbilly Housewife’s Thanksgiving Planner will help you plan ahead and stay on top of things so you can actually enjoy Thanksgiving with your family & friends.
If you take a quick minute to read the first chapter you’ll realize how easy your Thanksgiving celebration will be. There are plenty of tips and ideas to make sure this year’s feast doesn’t stretch your budget to the breaking point, too.
There are also 2 bonuses tucked inside: A printable planner & checklist and all of the recipes in a printable pdf file.

A Gluten Free Thanksgiving: How To Make a Delicious Gluten Free Turkey Dinner That Everyone Will Love (Fast, Easy and Delicious Gluten-Free Recipes)
Are you planning your gluten free Thanksgiving dinner and looking for some amazing gluten free recipes? Look no further! Best selling author Suzanne Leonard has just released her latest book: “A Gluten Free Thanksgiving: How To Make a Delicious Gluten Free Turkey Dinner That Everyone Will Love.”
You’re going to love being able to prepare a completely gluten free Thanksgiving meal for your family, without missing any of the great taste you’ve come to expect over the years.
Suzanne not only explains how to make the perfect gluten free turkey dinner, she gives you 20 delicious gluten free side dishes to go with your meal, making planning your meal absolutely simple and stress free. You can relax, knowing your meal is 100% gluten free and 100% delicious.
This collection of easy gluten free recipes includes how to make gluten free breadcrumbs and even a gluten free pie crust for that perfect gluten free pumpkin pie. Suzanne also covers how to make the perfect gluten free turkey. Believe it or not, some prepared turkeys contain gluten, and in this book Suzanne advises getting to know your butcher or ordering a fresh turkey.

Easy Gluten Free Special Occasion Recipes: The Ultimate Feast
I was very inspired to write a gluten-free cookbook, As I remember holiday dinners in the past, and everyone falling into a coma after dinner, I did not realize the turkey that I was eating was injected with all kinds of pesticides and hormones, the potatoes and vegetables were also grown in pesticides, and the wheat and gluten was so plentiful, my stomach was doing overtime to even try to catch up with it’s natural balance.
Now when I have a holiday dinner, everything is organic, fresh and as I can get it. Canned, cooked and dead food is just not a part of my pantry or kitchen. When I view fresh food, my eyes glow and my body says Yes! Even when my eyes are bigger than my stomach, I might feel a little full, it doesn’t put me into a food induced coma, and I am energized because I have put love into the food and it loves me back.

A World of Thanksgiving Cookbook
30 Thanksgiving recipes gathered from different places around the world all combined in this unique cookbook. This cookbook is loaded with information on how and when each country celebrates this special day.

Our Favorite Thanksgiving Recipes
There is nothing quite like spending time with loved ones over an amazing meal, let alone a Thanksgiving feast. In this recipe collection, only the most delicious of dishes made it in. Whether you are hosting the feast or bringing a dish of your own, these recipes will make your meal extra memorable. The recipes are spread out amongst several cooking methods, so you do not have to spend all day waiting on the oven.

Thanksgiving Recipes: #1 Best Delicious & Official Meals 2013
“#1 best Thanksgiving recipes I’ve ever tasted!,” NTY
These are the most delicious meal & food recipes of the year 2013.
Now that it’s time for thanksgiving, you must put these delicious recipes into your mouth!
They are family secret recipes, passed down as long traditions.
These will light the spirit of turkey day inside of you! Happy thanksgiving, and enjoy these delicious recipes that you must not miss!

Thanksgiving at Your House: How to Host a Traditional Thanksgiving Dinner Without Losing Your Mind
Hosting Thanksgiving at your house this year? This short (19 page) guide will help you plan, organize, and wow the crowd with your cooking. Includes eleven mouth-watering recipes: Roasted Turkey, Cornbread Dressing, Vegetable Medley, Cheese Rolls, Cranberry Sauce, Chocolate Mousse Pie, and more