Book Review Spotlight: Guardian of Maradon by L. J. Capehart

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Tristan Daniels finds himself magically transported to a world that he knows nothing about. The same can’t be said for those he meets in this strange world, though. They all seem to know who he is, and have high expectations for him. As Tristan travels with Jacob and his son, Kinnead, he begins to discover many things about both this world, and himself. As chosen Guardian of the people of Maradon, he MUST find the magical sword that only he can wield, before he is found by the enemies of Maradon. But finding the sword is only the beginning!


Moondancer steals the show! A dreamer, a usurper, a witch, and a pizza boy. Sounds like a strange combination, right? Well the beginning of this story may leave the reader feeling like they are riding a tilt-a-whirl. It’s a bit dizzy, a bit familiar, but a bit fun, too. Then, after getting to know the characters and their plight, you get off that ride and go for the fun ones – the roller coaster awaits. A fun read from start to finish, once you meet the very clever, very cheeky Moondancer, you’ll not be able to put it down. I appreciate the author’s clean interpretation of the genre, making this story a safe, appealing one for middle school age readers. Highly Recommended.