$.99 KINDLE BOOKS 11/18

Caribbean Moon (A Manny Williams Thriller, Book One)
Small-town detective/workaholic, Manny Williams, is thrilled with the prospect of finally taking the long-awaited vacation he had promised his wife, Louise.
The couple’s exotic getaway begins in sunny San Juan, Puerto Rico, by attending the June wedding of a fellow Lansing police officer, followed with an incredible week-long Southern Caribbean cruise on the glamorous Ocean Duchess. Tropical paradise appears to be a perfect recipe for desperately needed R and R…until the first dead body.
A bizarre, seemingly random murder in their posh San Juan Hotel, and the heinous cruise ship deaths of two of Lansing’s law enforcement family, brings Manny, and his unique skills, out of cruise mode and head-long into the FBI-led investigation. Manny soon discovers that in this killer’s twisted perception nothing is off limits, prompting a race against time that could cost him everything.

Drinking Life (Keeper of the Water , #1)
Nia Ammo only wants to win the field hockey state championship. But it’s not the other team she has to worry about stopping her – it’s the two soldiers in ancient battle armor who attack during the game! Nia has always been a little quicker, a little stronger, a little more agile than everyone else. She quickly learns that hand-to-hand combat is another skill she possesses…
The attack makes headlines and causes her parents to uproot the family business and move cross-country during her senior year. It’s not an easy adjustment and before long she finds herself in the middle of another physical altercation, this time with the entire boy’s lacrosse team. But a mysterious stranger named John Leon shows up to help and starts Nia’s life on an uncontrollable spiral she never imagined…

The Wedding Quilt Bride
The Wedding Quilt Bride is one of Coble’s early novellas. Faith Cole makes a visit to her great-grandmother to Johnstown, Pennsylvania in 1889. Convinced her disability will keep her from ever marrying, Faith shuns the hope in her mother’s wedding trunk. But the threat from a dangerous dam brings her out of her shyness, and she finds God has other plans.

Children’s eBook: Karen’s Colorful Trip (A Gorgeous Illustrated Children’s Picture Book) (Beginner Readers eBook Collection for Ages 2-8) (Children’s Books Collection)
The sun is shining in the sky, the day is warm and beautiful, and so Karen decides to go for a walk in the park.
On her way to the park, she meets plenty of little creatures who wish to join her.
A beautifully illustrated, charming, uplifting and of course colorful short story, helping to highlight the importance of animals , and our environment, as well as making friends and savoring in the delights of lovely weather.

The Fantastic Slow Cooker Cookbook
This cookbook is filled with 50 unique and delicious one-pot meals that are easy to prepare.
Whether you are a complete newbie to slow cooking or an experienced crock pot user,
you will find the recipes scrumptious yet simple and easy to prepare.

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