Wedding Day of Murder (Lacy Steele Mysteries, Book 6)
Lacy Steele wants no part of her sister’s upcoming wedding. Just when she thinks she’s in the clear, her mother informs her that she has to throw a bridal shower, and it had better be good. Before that can happen, Lacy has to have her wisdom teeth removed. With everyone else busy, it’s up to Jason to keep an eye on Lacy during her recovery, but he’s in for more than he bargained for.
While trying to rein in his delusional, hallucinating girlfriend, Jason must also solve a murder, and when all clues point to Lacy as his prime suspect, he’ll go to lengths he never imagined to clear her name.

Arch Enemy of Murder (A Lacy Steele Mystery, Book 4)
Lacy Steele simply wants to focus on the grand opening of her remodeled building, but life and death keep getting in the way. Her sister, Riley, is on the attack, and so are her grandmother’s group of friends. Caught in the middle between Jason and Tosh and overwhelmed by work stress, the last thing Lacy wants is to be drawn into another murder investigation.
But when an unlikely source requests her by name, what can she do but help? Jason wants her to stay out of it, and Tosh wants her to get involved, causing more enmity and friction between her two closest friends. Now, defending a foe she believes to be guilty, Lacy is torn between two men who both may have reached their limit and a killer with secrets to die for.

Class Reunion of Murder (Lacy Steele Mysteries, Book 5)
Finally, everything in Lacy Steele’s life is going well. Business is booming, and her love life is on track. The only blip on her radar is her sister’s hasty marriage, but Lacy vows not to get involved in their mess. Instead she immerses herself in planning the centennial celebration of her high school’s band and football team. Her new relationship provides extra motivation to make sure the reunion is perfect.
Everything is going according to plan until Lacy’s old rival is found dead, throwing the reunion into chaos and pitting two groups against each other. In a game of popular versus geek, Lacy knows whose side she’s on. Unfortunately, she doesn’t know how it will affect the tenuous hold she has on her new romance because in order to clear her friends, Lacy must make peace with her high school self once and for all. In finding herself, will she lose her new love? Or will she lose her life?

In a heart-racing thriller described as Falling Skies meets The Walking Dead, Jennie struggles to find a safe place for what’s left of her family. But it seems as though there is no place sacred, no place secure. First the aliens attacked the sun, making it dimmer, weaker, and half what it used to be. Then they attacked the water supply, killing one-third of Earth’s population with a bitter contaminate. And when they unleash a new terror on humankind, the victims will wish for death, but will not find it…
When the world shatters to pieces around her, will Jennie find the strength she needs to keep going?

Christmas Steele (A Lacy Steele Mystery, Christmas Novella)
Lacy Steele has no Christmas spirit. Instead the holiday is a sad reminder of her fiancé’s abandonment and her sister’s betrayal. Not only that, but her two friends, Tosh and Jason, have seemingly dropped out of her life. Now, alone and eating herself into oblivion, she doesn’t think things could get much worse. And then her mother arrives, Meanwhile a distraction arrives in the form of a mysterious locket with the inscription “I Love You” etched on the back.
It’s up to Lacy to determine who sent her the present–her recently discovered grandfather, her best friend, Tosh, or Jason, the self-proclaimed eternal bachelor who fears commitment more than a root canal. Lacy’s determined to get in the Christmas mood, even while navigating the emotional minefield that exists between her mother and her grandmother’s new boyfriend. With so much on her plate, the mystery locket becomes a source of solace. But the answer of who sent it just might be more than Lacy’s fragile heart can take.

Patricia Davids Christmas Brides of Amish Country: An Amish Christmas\The Christmas Quilt\A Hope Springs Christmas
When Karen Imhoff finds a beaten man lying unconscious by the road in her Amish community, she doesn’t hesitate to help. “John Doe” needs a place to stay while he regains his memory, and she has a room to rent. The handsome Englisher proves invaluable around the family farm, yet his presence wreaks havoc with her emotions. Karen has her younger siblings to care for. She can’t fall for an outsider who doesn’t know his own identity…
Years ago, Rebecca Beachy kept her reasons for rejecting Gideon Troyer’s marriage proposal a secret. Then Gideon left their Amish community. Now, Rebecca crafts quilts to raise money to cure her blindness, and carefully guards her heart against love. Then Gideon returns, at risk of being shunned, to make the winning bid on one of her exquisite quilts. Will Rebecca’s quilt—a patchwork promise of rediscovered love—bring Gideon and Rebecca back together again?
When Amish buggy maker Levi Beachy turns the tables on matchmaker Sarah Wyse, they just might discover they’ve already found their perfect match—in each other.

Miracles in Disguise (The Trampled Rose Series)
What do you do when the pain of your past leaves you feeling so unworthy, that any hope of a future crumbles right before your eyes?
Since Kristina Talbot can remember, she’s tried to earn the love of men in her life, only to be hurt in the process. On the heels of her abusive husband’s death, Kristina Talbot leaves New York and heads to New Mexico to try and get her life headed down a new road – one that doesn’t include a man.
Even before she reaches her destination, Nathan McKinley sets up a roadblock to her plan. His charming and gentle personality is no match for her love-starved heart. And when Nathan shows her God in a new light, and how to place her trust in Him and not her circumstances, she begins to hope…

Christmas with The Alexanders
Kaylee Wilhelm knows what she wants for Christmas–for Elliott Alexander to notice her. Unfortunately, he doesn’t like her much, so she’s spending the holidays with her disapproving parents.
Elliott Alexander is finally in the position to come home for good. Home means bittersweet memories and the only woman who makes him feel things he isn’t ready for.
When Kay’s car skids out of control on Christmas Eve, she’s forced to reach out to the only man she trusts to save her. Eli’s a protector, so she knows he’ll come for her, but this Christmas Kay is hoping for a little bit more.

Muffin Recipes from Scratch (Grama G’s Top Homemade Recipes From Scratch)
For years my friends have been asking for my dessert recipes, not all my personal recipes, but certain ones in particular, my gram’s recipes from her dessert cookbook!
I’ve always joked that they were top secret…truth was, that everyone loved them so much, I wanted them to remain the special treat that only I could take credit for at our get togethers!
The best way to describe these delicious muffin recipes from scratch found in my grams cake cookbook is to have you recall how a specific aroma or taste can take you back in time to a special memory, well that’s what these muffin recipes do. They just give you a warm fuzzy feeling of comfort and down home goodness!

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