Foreign Deceit (A David Wolf Novel)(Second Edition)
Sergeant David Wolf is a good cop in the small ski resort town of Rocky Points, Colorado. A good cop who’s seen bad days before. But none like this.
As if a harrowing attempt on his life, his ex-addict wife coming back into the picture, and a looming career change weren’t enough, his world is turned when he receives word his brother has committed suicide in the Alps of Italy.
Devastation and resentment over his only sibling’s selfish act quickly gives way to a nagging suspicion that he isn’t getting the whole truth. Conviction alone is enough to pull Wolf from his pressing events at home to the entirely foreign land of Northern Italy, and into a more deadly situation than he could have possibly imagined.

Wanted (A Leopold Blake Mystery / Thriller)
What should have been a relaxing vacation in Paris turns into another unwinnable situation for expert criminology consultant Leopold Blake. Caught in the cross hairs of a ruthless assassin and on the run from the police for a murder he didn’t commit, Blake and his team must fight to clear his name before it’s too late.
As enemies close in from all sides, Blake is about to learn who he can trust – and who is determined to destroy him – as The City of Light becomes a new hunting ground.
Wanted is the third novel in the Leopold Blake series of thrillers, which can be read and enjoyed in any order.

Meeting Place, The (Song of Acadia Book #1)
Crafted by two masters of inspirational fiction–Janette Oke and T. Davis Bunn–and combining the engaging historical settings, rich characterization, and heartwarming messages quintessential to both authors, The Meeting Place is another timeless story for you to cherish.
Set along the rugged coastline of 18th century Canada in what was then called Acadia (now Nova Scotia and New Brunswick), The Meeting Place re-creates a world that was home to native Indians, French settlers, and English garrisons. Such diverse populations did not live in accord, however. Instead, they were isolated within their own groups by a brewing political tension under the difficult English rule.
Amid such chaotic times two women, both about to become brides and both trying to live lives of quiet peace, meet in a lush field of wildflowers. Louisa, a Frenchwoman, and Catherine, who is English, continue to meet secretly through the seasons, sharing both friendship and growing faith.

Santa Farts – Merry Fartmas! (The Disgusting Adventures of Milo Snotrocket)
It’s been a crazy holiday for Milo Snotrocket, the funniest farting boy in the world! On Christmas eve, Milo actually sees Santa Claus outside his window…and then things go terribly, horribly wrong. We can’t spill all the baked beans here, but you’ll laugh as you discover:
* How big old Santa really manages to squeeze down those tight chimneys
* What lets Santa’s reindeer fly through the air
* How farts are used to power Santa’s workshop
* Mrs. Claus’ favorite Christmas-eve dinner (make it with your family, if you dare!)

The Art Of Minimalist Organization: The Minamalist Way To Organize, Clean, And Keep Your Home Spotless
A new revolution is currently taking place, one that looks set to change how we view ourselves and the objects around us. This new, groundbreaking revolution is the practice of minimalism. Cleaning and organizing your house can be an overwhelming task due to excess clutter. This is especially true if you are not practicing minimalism. . This book looks to help you clean your home and teach you about minimalist organization in the process.

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