Natalie’s Revenge (A Frank Renzi mystery)
Like the dragon tattoo girl, Natalie is smart, ruthless and deadly, and yes, she has a tattoo. If you love New Orleans fiction and hard-boiled detective mysteries, follow Frank Renzi’s pursuit of justice in Absolution and Diva, two more novels in this exciting mystery series.The Premier Book Awards named Absolution Best Mystery-Suspense-Thriller of 2009.

Concrete Evidence (Evidence Series)
Accused of stealing artifacts from a five-hundred-year-old shipwreck, underwater archaeologist Erica Kesling is determined to clear her name. She’s concealed her past and taken a job certain to give her access to the buyer of the missing antiquities. She’s finally closing in on her goal when she’s distracted by a sexy, charismatic intern who makes her want something other than revenge.
But Lee Scott is no intern. He’s looking for the lead conspirator in an international artifact smuggling scheme, and Erica is his prime suspect. He’ll do whatever it takes to win her trust and get her to reveal her secrets, even seduce her.
As Erica and Lee struggle to conceal their real agendas, the one thing they can’t hide is the attraction that burns hot between them. When Erica’s quest puts her life in jeopardy, Lee must choose between old loyalties and a woman he never expected to fall for.

Christmas Daisy
Christmas Daisy is a “sweet” romance novella. When Daisy Donovan arrives to teach at New Horizons School, an alternative school in Philadelphia, dedicated school director Dr. Ben Wilson has NO idea of how his world will be overturned, and how love will change both of their outlooks on life. This is a charming, easy read, suitable for all ages, and containing no graphic sex.

30-Minute Paleo Dessert Recipes: Simple Gluten-Free and Paleo Desserts for Improved Weight-Loss
In less than 10 minutes after reading this, you could be eating the best Paleo banana bread ever! More importantly, though, you can nourish your body and feel good about eating these treats.
Sticking to a Paleo diet and giving up foods that you’ve eaten all your life is not easy. You can no longer just walk into a bakery or grocery store and buy desserts or cookies or pastries. There are no pre-packaged Paleo cake mixes. You want to stay Paleo and you want to get healthier, but you shouldn’t have to be in the kitchen for hours or else deprive yourself completely.