The Enemy We Know (Suspense with a Dash of Humor)
Psychotherapist Letty Whittaker, a professional secret keeper, has a secret of her own. When one of her clients slips free from an abusive boyfriend, Letty becomes the target of his violent rage. Wayne invades Letty’s life, slithering his way past the barriers erected between her personal and professional lives, leaving gifts of dead rats, mutilated dolls, and freaky Shakespearian sonnets.
Worst of all, Wayne uncovers Letty’s deepest shame, infiltrating her AA group and threatening to expose her to the state licensing board. And then–good news–Wayne is murdered. The bad news? The police suspect Letty. Worse yet, the sonnets and bloody souvenirs keep coming. Someone else has been watching Letty. Someone eager to drop bodies at her feet like a cat offering dead mole trophies to his mistress.
Someone willing to kill again.

Georgia on Her Mind
Macy Moore skedaddled from her hometown of Beauty, Georgia to Florida in order to make her own way in the world. Successful and happy, she couldn’t be more proud of her corporate executive job, her just-perfect boyfriend and her beach side condo. But it all falls apart when reads the first email of the day. She’s demoted to the lowest rung on the corporate ladder . . . and dumped! She goes from being “someone” to a being “nobody,” all on the eve of returning home to emcee her high school reunion.
Thank goodness for the “Single Saved Sisters.” With loyal friends Lucy, Adriane and Tamara by her side, Macy retreats to the House of Joe for coffee, consolation and heart-to-heart consultation. Can they help her put her life back together? Yet it’s when her former heartthrob, Dylan, shows up on her doorstep, that Macy begins to realize that leaving Beauty, Georgia took her away from everything in life she really loved.

ParaNorman: A Novel Extended Free Preview
In a quaint New England town with a history of witches and pilgrims, misunderstood eleven-year-old Norman Babcock can see and talk to ghosts. No one believes him, of course-everyone just thinks he’s weird (including his parents). But when a folktale of a witch who cursed her accusers turns out to be true, it’s up to Norman to save the town from pilgrim zombies! He’ll also have to take on a very angry witch, an annoying sidekick, his boy-crazy teenage sister, and dozens of moronic grown-ups who get in his way. This young ghoul whisperer finds his paranormal talents pushed to their otherworldly limits in this hilarious and spooky adventure!
Featuring gorgeous black-and-white interior illustrations and a story beyond what you’ll see in the film, this novel is sure to delight!

Super Mom’s Guide to Speed Cleaning: The Easy Way to Clean (Super Mom’s Guides)
In today’s world, we as women are busier than ever. We are the lifeline of our family and wear many hats. We act as the caretaker, the entertainment director, the chef, the doctor and the chauffeur. Add onto that a job outside or inside of the house and we barely have enough personal time, let alone time to clean the house. So what’s a mother to do?
The fact is, we all love a clean house but we just don’t have the time to spend hours cleaning every day. Luckily for you, this guide has been created to teach you exactly how speed cleaning can get your house in tip top shape as quickly as possible. From the heart of your home to your storage areas, we will go through each area of your house and discuss tips to not only quickly and efficiently clean each space, but also prevent them from becoming messy in the first place.
So grab a cup of coffee, click the button above and let’s get ready to create a space that you and your family deserve!

Touchdown Treats! Quick & Easy Dip and Cheese Ball Recipes for a Winning Party
These taste sensations will make your next tailgate party the most delicious ever! Tried-and-true recipes for tantalizing treats will turn heads and delight your guests.

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