Messages: Book 1 in the David Chance Series (Suspense, Mystery, Thriller)
David Chance can see messages in the sea of words around him, messages that warn him of future events.
Words are everywhere– on labels, magazines, sign posts, t-shirts– everywhere. And as much as David Chance would like to hide from them, he can’t. Words keep leaping off objects around him, forming messages in his mind. But how is this possible? Has his brain suddenly taken an evolutionary leap forward, or are the mysterious messages proof of divine intervention?
Driven to answer a question he’d long ago abandoned, and stalked by the killer he’s trying to stop, David risks everything to follow the messages to a dirty bomb set to go off in the heart of Boston. But can he trust the author of the messages to protect him from a terrorist who seems to know his every move.

Either Side of Midnight
When nineteen-year-old Naomi Stone is snatched from her husband at knifepoint on the night of their wedding and taken to a deserted cemetery, she knows her life is finished. Drugged and disorientated, she loses consciousness as she lies in an open grave with a gun to her head. But the following day, she mysteriously awakes to find herself unharmed and secured to a bed. She’s in a beautiful bedroom in a secluded cottage in open countryside. Only one person knows she’s there – the man in the balaclava who’s holding her, feeding her, revealing nothing. Naomi senses the unfolding of a plan. She should be on honeymoon in the Caribbean. Instead, she’s trapped with an emotionless psycho with no hope of escape . . . And his voice is chillingly familiar.
Who is he? What does he want? What’s happened to her husband? Where is she? Will anyone find her before it’s too late?

Almost Perfect (Dreaming of Roses)
Fed up after several online dating disasters, Kelli Patterson vows to never again use technology in an attempt to trigger romance. Her best friend, Brenna, feels differently and is incessantly trying to talk Kelli into creating a profile on the hottest new Christian singles site.
Kelli quickly learns that God doesn’t need technology. She meets not one, but two wonderful men who couldn’t be more different, or so she thinks.
Both women are looking for love that lasts a lifetime. It’s not always easy to find a Jeremiah 17:7, but, as Kelli discovers, the greatest love stories are not written hastily by human hearts, they are authored, instead, by God, whose timing is perfect.

Rae of Hope (The Chronicles of Kerrigan)
How hard do you have to shake the family tree to find the truth about the past?
Fifteen year-old Rae Kerrigan never really knew her family’s history. Her mother and father died when she was young and it is only when she accepts a scholarship to the prestigious Guilder Boarding School in England that a mysterious family secret is revealed.
Will the sins of the father be the sins of the daughter?
As Rae struggles with new friends, a new school and a star-struck forbidden love, she must also face the ultimate challenge: receive a tattoo on her sixteenth birthday with specific powers that may bind her to an unspeakable darkness. It’s up to Rae to undo the dark evil in her family’s past and have a ray of hope for her future.

The Homemakers Journal: Natural Cleaners
The Homemakers has put together an all natural book of cleaning recipes. From HE safe laundry soap to air freshener’s, you will be ready to tackle any cleaning task at a fraction of store cost!

Incredibly Delicious Chicken Recipes from the Mediterranean Region (Healthy Cookbook Series)
Mediterranean chicken recipes are clean, processing-free and delicious. They are generally easy to prepare and are loved from all the family. Roasted, broiled, grilled or poached, and combined with a wide range of herbs, spices and vegetables, chicken makes a delicious, flavorful and nutritious meal. And the best part is – these tasty chicken meals are inexpensive and affordable even if you are a tight budget!
If you need a simple and delicious low fat meal for dinner tonight – try these aromatic chicken recipes. They will impress your family, guests, and best of all, they are healthy, easy and usually all done in one dish.

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