Last Call (A Ridley Brone Mystery)
Running a karaoke bar is no way for an ex-PI to make a living.
Just ask Ridley Brone, a California private investigator who returns to his Michigan hometown when he inherits his estranged parents’ multimillion dollar estate. The songs his mom and dad wrote made them rich, but their popular karaoke bar, the High Note, made them famous. Now Ridley owns a bar he doesn’t have a clue how to manage, and his every effort seems only to further tarnish his parents’ legacy.
But when Ridley’s old high school love shows up asking for help, and her husband ends up murdered, the karaoke bar feels like vacation compared to the hard job of proving her innocence.

Connected by the Sea (Hawaiian Crush #1)
Living in paradise, Sydney loves her job, her friends, and her passion for marine biology. Her best friend, Henry, has an invested interest in her, but Sydney never seems to notice. While Henry is the perfect man, she only dates the wrong guys. Her ex-boyfriend cheated on her, broke her heart, and now she’s too shattered to give anyone a chance.
Until Coen…
A sexy bad boy with a tattoo, he elicits dark desires Sydney hasn’t felt in so long. His intense eyes, the color of the sea, capture her sight, making it impossible to look away. She tries to avoid him, knowing he’s no good for her, but Coen, who always gets what he wants, doesn’t take no for an answer.
Will Sydney regret this decision? Or will she find what’s been missing her entire life? The family she lost, the loves she misses, and the trust she never thought she could have for someone else?

If It Kills Me (The Starborn Uprising Book 2)
Overconfidence has no place in a world where the dead rule. Nineteen-year-old Mora has learned this the hard way. After a conflict in the colony of Salem that left hundreds of people dead, Mora and her Starborn allies have been branded as fugitives by Jeremiah, the leader of Screven.
Now, Mora must prove to the world that she isn’t the enemy, and that hope for the future lies with the Starborns, not Jeremiah. To do that, she must find out the truth behind the origins of the dreaded greyskins that roam the Earth, attacking villages relentlessly.
But more than that, she must protect her family. The Starborns attempt to set up a base at her home, Springhill, but it only brings more turmoil. With a mentor channeling her dreams of the past, and two rival brothers fighting for her love, Mora learns of a new enemy that threatens to bring them down before the revolution can even begin.

Candida Cleanse: Cleanse Your Body to Cure Candida and Yeast Infections Naturally (Candida Cure – Your Permanent Solution to Cleanse Your Body of Candida)
Are you looking for a healthy way to improve your physical and mental ability? Do you dream of having a body that feels great at all times? Would you like to put an end to frustrating yeast infections?
Do you envision a healthy life while attaining inner peace, calm, and tranquility?
THE ANSWER IS: Candida Cleanse – Cleanse Your Body to Cure Candida and Yeast Infections Naturally
TRUTH is Candida can be a frustrating condition that millions of people suffer from. The good news is.. Candida Cleanse is a well-written step-by-step approach that can show you how naturally cure and eliminate Candida and Yeast infections.
FACT: Candida can be EASY to get rid of if you know the right protocol. We all know we should be treating our Candida. But with all the information there things can get confusing. That is exactly why I wrote this book! This book will equip you with the knowledge you need in order to make educated decisions when it comes to your Candida cleanse plan.

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