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EASTER RECIPES: Tantalize Their Taste Buds
As Easter approaches, I know how difficult it can be to impress your family and friends with the meal of the day! There never seems to be any time to prepare or even think what should I do? Should I try something new? Should I stick to what I know best and play safe? There seems to be so much pressure on cooking these days as the media continues to swamp us with what seems to be a never-ending stream of new chefs and recipes. Food is big business but what happened to the FUN!

Busy Toddler, Happy Mom: Over 280 Activities to Engage your Toddler in Small Motor and Gross Motor Activities, Crafts, Language Development and Sensory Play
Do you often wish you had more ideas on how to keep your child stimulated at home? Do you find yourself signing up for expensive toddler programs since they give you the confidence that you have provided all that your toddler needs for his developmental growth? Do you wish that your toddler could be more fully engaged in his play so that you have time to do the laundry? Have you purchased activity books to give you more ideas on how to entertain your toddler to discover that they are more appropriate for groups of toddlers at a daycare or for a specialized program?

The Ambush of My Name (US Grant mysteries)
When General Ulysses Grant returns to Georgetown, Ohio where he grew up he expects to be hailed as a hero. But as soon as he sets foot in the place people are calling him a butcher and he finds a dead body in his hotel room. Who it is nobody knows and he has to try to find out whodunit hampered by the fact his disapproving wife has just bumped into his old flame, one of his bitterest enemies from boyhood is running the telegraph office that just happens to be having trouble and both a Pinkerton agent and a local reporter want to help out. Suddenly fighting the Civil War doesn’t seem so hard!

Deathwatch (Broslin Creek 1)
The only person who can identify the most notorious hit man in the country, Kate Bridges is running for her life. Murphy Dolan is in the Army Reserves, returning from his 2nd tour of duty, only to find a stranger hiding in his house. She’s scared spitless. He’s completely burned-out on violence. Neither of them has any trust left to give.