Book Tour Review: The Right Side of Mr. Wrong and Giveaway




One-off, moving on sex, wasn’t meant to be this hot…

When determined singleton Shea Summers is persuaded to become the “wife” of the Lord of Edgerton Manor, the last thing she wants to do is play house with a stranger.

Brooding playboy Brando Marshall is far from happy when Shea turns up at his sprawling estate with production crew in tow. Surely she’s just another woman after his wallet? And if she’s looking for Mr Right, she’s definitely hitting on the wrong guy. Then again, after catching an unscheduled glimpse of her knickers, perhaps Brando needs to teach this “gold-digger” a lesson!

She’s seizing the moment, he’s breaking the rules, and when bad boys can be so much fun, who can resist getting on the right side of Mr. Wrong…


It always takes me a little while to get used to the quirky mannerisms in the literature of the British. So the slight spelling differences and common language made this story a little bit of work to get into in the beginning. The instant fireworks between the Main Characters is hormone based but their constant snarky comebacks with each other kept things interesting and entertaining. When an alpha male and a take-charge female run into each other, sparks fly as they battle for who will be on top. Sexual situations and language make this a read for 18+.


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