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Something Yellow
Thirteen years ago, Holly’s nine-year-old sister, Rachel, disappeared without a trace. Thirteen years ago, Holly left her hometown. Thirteen years ago, Holly’s first love and high school boyfriend, Houston, was the only suspect. Now, another girl has disappeared. Holly is back, and so is Houston—never charged and still proclaiming his innocence. Can she trust him? Should she trust him? When out-of-work banking executive Holly McCann moves to the rural mountain town of White Cove, Virginia to care for her dying mother, the past collides with the present. A violent crime against her nine-year-old neighbor evokes memories of the eerily similar disappearance of her sister thirteen years earlier. Holly is thrilled by the arrival of her estranged brother, Oliver, but concerned by his mysterious behavior. She is befriended by the new minister, Jonah, an outsider haunted by his own painful past, but it is Houston Phelps, the only person arrested for the disappearance of her sister, who forces Holly to confront the past and start living in the present.

A Danger to Himself and Others: Bomb Squad NYC Incident 1
Bomb Squad Detective Manuel Diaz exists in a troubled state. A former Army bomb tech, he misses the adrenaline rush of combat and feels little if any love from his partner, Sergeant Sandy Kahn. When he brings home the pressures of his job, it causes fights with his beautiful roommate, Jennifer. And, as if that weren’t enough, he also harbors a torturous secret. When one disabled army veteran blows himself up in front of an Armed Forces Recruiting Station in Times Square and another blows himself up in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, all of Diaz’s worries become magnified. More than anything else, Manny wants to prove these incidents aren’t suicides. But is he right? If not suicides, what’s going on here? Can he solve the cases without revisiting all of the things that haunt him from combat? Can he solve them without driving himself insane?

Slow-Cook Yourself Skinny (Low Fat, Low Calorie Slow Cooker Meals)
If you are trying to lose weight, you will want to meet your new best friend, your slow cooker. This low calorie slow cooker recipe book makes it easy to cook healthy, affordable meals without spending hours in the kitchen. At 450 calories or less per serving, these stew, chicken, beef, and pork recipes will help you lose weight as you enjoy delicious, nutritious meals.

The Popsicle Recipe Book: Fun and Easy Homemade Treats
An amazing collection of over 50 recipes for popsicle lovers! Try something unique and fun! Popsicles are a great way to have fun for adults and kids alike. Swirly, creamy ice pops, deliciously fruity popsicles, tasty cocktail ice pop treats for adults with a bit of extra kick. These are just a few of the 50+ Popsicle recipes you’ll find in this fun book. You’ll even discover healthy popsicles that will give you a refreshing and tasty treat without the guilt!