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The Imperial Connection (The Connection series)
Recently retired Air Force Intel officer Mike Foley discovers the guy who took a bullet for him during the Gulf War is a homeless guy living in a small desert town. He leaves Chicago to find him. After arriving he finds a local, and very beautiful woman, who works with the homeless. With her help they locate “Homeless Rick.” To their surprise, the next morning he’s found drowned in one of the many irrigation canals.

The Time Traveler’s Boyfriend
No, really—he has. She doesn’t believe it either until Adam provides her with definitive proof that he does, in fact, have a functioning time travel device sitting in the living room of his Manhattan brownstone. But instead of getting ready to accept the Nobel Prize, Adam has very different plans for his groundbreaking invention. He wants Claudia to use the machine to travel back in time and stop the accident that landed him in a wheelchair over a decade ago, and prevent the trajectory of events that he believes ruined his life.

Four Fantastic Bedtime Stories for Children 3-6!
Four fantastic children’s books, all rolled into one. Perfect for bedtime! Over 120 pages. A $3.96 value!

BACKYARD CHICKENS: The Secret Beginners Guide to Raising and Caring for Chickens in Your Own Backyard (How to Raise Chickens – The Backyard Chickens for Beginners Book)

The Secret Beginners Guide to Raising and Caring for Chickens in Your Own Backyard – Raising Chickens is become more and more popular all around the world ! From preppers, homesteaders, urbanites, and country folks – No matter who you are, everyone can reap the benefits. Back Yard Chickens is your opportunity to learn exactly how to get the most out of this experience.

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