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FLINDER’S FIELD (a murder mystery and psychological thriller)
In November 1974, a young woman called Sylvia Tredwin goes missing. Nobody has the faintest idea where she’s gone. She was wearing only a light skirt and T-shirt, didn’t take anything with her, no suitcase, nothing. Simply went out one dark evening and never returned. Some say she went off with another man, because there’d already been talk in the small Somerset village of Petheram that she’s that type of woman – attractive, flirty with it, dressed too provocatively. But her husband, Bruce Tredwin, doesn’t believe a word of the callous whisperings of the locals as they gossip about his outsider wife. So he never gives up searching for her. A fortnight later on a stormy winter’s night he finds her. She’s naked in a place called Flinder’s Field, wandering aimlessly, badly bruised and in total shock. But what she says to him will astound everyone.

Alyssa Fontaine’s life, loved ones—everything familiar and dear—are brutally taken from her. Taken captive by two men, she endures a horrific nightmare. A new life is forced upon her and even a new name. Just when it appears that no hope is in sight, she is saved by an unlikely twist of fate. Trapped in the beautiful Sierra Nevada Mountains, life will open its arms to her again and she will embrace it. She will find love such as she never knew existed. Sierra is a heart-wrenching story of the power of the human spirit to survive amidst impossible circumstances and severe losses. It is a story of survival . . . and hope.

Overcome Relationship Repetition Syndrome (Creating Your Own Reality Series)
Do you find yourself continually repeating the same kind of toxic relationship patterns? Do your relationships feed your soul? Is your relationship blissfully happy, loving, delicious, passionate, and filled with joy? If not, why? If you find instead that your relationship is filled with disdain, mistrust, anxiety, stress or jealousy, then you may need to re-examine why you’re in it in the first place. Although the term Relationship Repetition Syndrome may be a new one to you – I’m sure that the idea of continuing to repeat the same toxic relationship patterns is certainly not a new idea for many of us. Love is one of the most challenging but rewarding emotions known to man, so it makes sense that many of us struggle with it. Overcome Relationship Repetition Syndrome is the third book in the Creating Your Own Reality series. If you have ever wondered why you continually repeat toxic relationship patterns, this book can enlighten you so you may find the answers you need. We sometimes revel in our pain and our toxic relationship patterns to the point that we begin to think a toxic relationship is perfectly normal.

Hitler’s Atlantic Wall
It was designed as the ultimate defense of Hitler’s Thousand-Year Reich. A wall that would secure the Nazi empire from invasion. Fortifications are often impressive in their sheer size and strength, but the breadth of the monolithic battlements that make up Hitler’s Atlantic Wall is incredible. Millions of tonnes of steel-reinforced concrete was poured into tens of thousands of defences along nearly 3,000 miles of European coastline, in a project which involved countless workers.

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