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The Sun and the Moon (Lords of Conquest)
The Sun: Hugh of Wexford, King Henry’s most trusted spy, enjoys his wine, his women, and most of all, his freedom. Scarred by a brutal upbringing, Hugh makes his own way in the world, unhindered by ties of any kind—including those of love. The Moon: Oxford scholar Phillipa de Paris is learned and enlightened, but utterly unschooled in the ways of the world—especially the lascivious intrigue she encounters when Hugh recruits her to help ensnare an enemy of the crown.

The Wedding Series
THE WEDDING SERIES combines two great romantic novellas by author Christine Dorsey, called by Romantic Times, “one of the most talented authors of the genre”. THE BRIDE satisfies the romantic in all of us. It was Number 1 on Amazon’s free Bestselling List for Historical Romance.

Minecraft Zombie: Arrival of The Zombies (A Minecraft Novel)
Minecraft: Arrival of the Zombies is an epic novel about a teenage boy who goes on an exciting adventure throughout the mysterious lands of Minecraft. He accidentally stumbled into a forbidden valley – a valley he was never supposed to reach. In this dark and dreary valley, he notices that something is wrong, not much seems to make sense in this land. He has to figure it all out while avoiding death in what seems like a zombie apocalypse. Join him on his Minecraft adventure and discover the secrets that will keep you turning page after page with curiosity and awe. This book is filled with fun and unique characters such as The Elder, Navi, Trish and many more together with plenty of twists. Join these characters in Arrival of the Zombies to experience exactly how they fight and battle against pure evil. This powerful tale will keep you immersed in the Minecraft world and it is unlike anything you’ve experienced before.

America’s 50 Favorite Barbecue Recipes
For the American people, barbecue is one of their favorite ways to prepare their food. And everybody has their favorite way, their favorite flavor, of barbecue sauces, rubs, and marinades. No two are just alike, unless they came out of a bottle from the grocery store. What we have put together here is 50 barbecue recipes that are some of the favorites from around the country. Some of them you may have never seen or thought of, but are regional recipes from California to Florida, Minnesota to Texas.