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Fade to Black (The Black Trilogy Book 1)
A tale of unimaginable horror follows
Piper Mitchell from adolescence
to adulthood as she tries to escape
the chains that hold her long after she
is free. A chance meeting with one of
Hollywood’s’ biggest stars, Ryan Knox,
will forever change both of their lives.
Venture the unknown with beauty
and the daring actor as they both are
forced to endure the devastating acts
of evil, yet continues fight the drowning
current that threatens to pull them both
under. Full of hair pin turns you will not
soon forget.

The Lighter Side of Large
Hell hath no fury like a fat woman scorned – or deprived of caffeine. Bella is a Samoan-New Zealander who doesn’t fit in. Tiny seats, tight clothes, narrow aisles: navigating a one-size-fits-all world is a heavyweight task for a single mom who tips the scales at 278 pounds. Not even her islander family understands her. Only with her eclectic trio of friends (including a gay barrister and a homeless woman) does she find acceptance – and lots of coffee.

Forever in Love (Montana Brides Book 2)
A Baby. A man. And a secret. Amy Sullivan’s life might have been lonely but it was safe, until she found a baby on her doorstep. With her alcoholic mother gone, and a five-month-old sister to look after, Amy has no choice but to give her sister what she never had – a family – and that means moving back to Montana and the only man she’s ever loved.

Herbal Remedies: 190+ Natural Remedies for 50 Common Ailments (Herbal Medicine, Natural Cures, Natural Medicine) (Herbal Remedies for Ailments A to Z)
This book contains approximately 4 natural remedies for each of 50 different common ailments, for a total of over 190 herbal remedies. Each remedy’s benefits are explained and the proper application and dosage is given. The herbal remedies provided are in the form of teas, tinctures, essential oils, extracts, aromatherapy, capsules, compresses, creams, and more.