FREE Kindle eBook Bestseller Finds for 7/8/2014

Hard Landing: An Alex Shanahan Thriller
At one of the world’s busiest airports, the sky is about to fall…As the new manager of the Majestic Airlines operation at Boston’s Logan International Airport, Alex Shanahan expects her fair share of turbulence—but not so much, so soon. Logan Airport is in a state of chaos, with divided loyalties tearing it apart. And hanging over everyone’s heads is the mysterious suicide of Alex’s predecessor.

Destined for the Maverick (Montana Mavericks: 20 Years in the Saddle!)
Addie McBride might be the most adorable construction worker we’ve ever seen. But there’s something a little suspicious about Rust Creek Falls’ newest handyperson. Rumor has it she used to work in a big-city shopping mall—and that her only building experience is stacking piles of merino wool sweaters. So how in the world did she wind up on Jack Lawson’s construction crew? Brace yourself, dear readers, as our Rust Creek cowboy meets his total opposite—who might just be his perfect match!

The Forgotten Child (Finding Love ~ The Outsider Series Book 1)
In THE FORGOTTEN CHILD, Brad Friessen wasn’t looking to love again. But what he got was a woman who shook his lonely bitter world upside down, and touched him in a way no other woman could. Emily Nelson, a courageous young mother, ends a loveless, bitter marriage and strikes out on her own. She answers an ad as a cook and live-in caregiver to a three-year-old boy on a local ranch. Ranch owner Brad Friessen hires and moves in Emily and her daughter. But Emily soon discovers something’s seriously wrong with the boy, and the reclusive, difficult man who hired her can’t see the behavior and how delayed his son is. So Emily researches until she stumbles across what she suspects are the soft signs of autism. Now she must tell him, give him hope, and help him come to terms with this neurological disorder–to take the necessary steps to get his child the help he needs.

The Company You Keep (Kendra Clayton Series Book 1)
Hard as she tried, twenty-eight-year-old Kendra Clayton never quite broke out of her hometown of Willow, Ohio. Now she works part-time as a GED instructor and beefs up her income by hostessing at her uncle’s restaurant, soaking up the local gossip. It’s a quiet life, but Kendra hasn’t given up hope that one day Mr. Right will walk through the door. In the meantime, her sleepy hollow is about to get a rude awakening, and Kendra is about to get some excitement—though it’s not quite what she had in mind.

Grain Brain Recipe Book: Avoiding Wheat, Sugar and Carb Suicide With Delicious Recipes (Wheat Free And Low Carb Recipes)
Stop committing suicide with Wheats, Sugars and Carbs and begin renewing your body for a greater purpose with these insights and delicious recipes. Inside of this book I’ve placed a quick study of how carbs affect your brain and a fun carb intake quiz to help you remember and implement quick solutions to your diet. Be Quick to Listen and Slow to Speak when reading this book as it will serve as an educational foundation to annihilate Wheats, Sugars and Carbs completely from your diet.