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A Death Displaced (Lansin Island 1)
A woman fated to die. A vision that could save her … Nicolas Crystan, struggling to cope with his traumatic past, shuffles through life keeping mostly to himself … until he has a disturbing daydream of a woman’s death. At first he tries to forget it, but when real life mimics the daydream, he realises it was no ordinary fantasy–it was a vision of the future. To save a life, he must act fast.

Heiress, P.I.
Meet Lucy Hansen. She’s the richest teenager in the world – and possibly the shyest. She doesn’t flash her business to the paparazzi as she’s getting out of limos or send selfies while smoking salvia. No, Lucy hides behind her frizzy bangs, environmental causes and organic hemp-blend sweats. Her one true friend (and secret crush) Holden is the poorest kid in Beverly Hills – and probably the scrappiest. He interns for a famous private investigator, and when he asks Lucy to help him crack a case, her life turns from tame to tabloid, from glum to glam, from private to private eye. And when the trail leads directly to her hotel magnate father, it’s up to Lucy to solve the case by infiltrating Hollywood’s most elite and unwelcoming club: Celebutantes. Teens who are famous for, well… being famous.

Alex Hollick: Origins (The Alex Hollick FBI Series)
Start An Original Standout Thriller Series That Twists, Turns and Tangles! The Alex Hollick F.B.I. Series takes readers into an underworld of secretive government agendas and a troubled young agent caught between love, morality and survival. This exciting, gripping and original thriller series combines murder mystery, saga, love story, and conspiracy thriller into one satisfyingly complex and entertainingly atmospheric story.

Hydrogen Peroxide Cures: Learn the Extraordinary Cures, Benefits, and Healing Properties this Magical Elixir has to Offer Using Hydrogen Peroxide to Cure … Cures, Beauty, Grooming, and More)
Hydrogen peroxide has been known as one of the most effective, and safest treatments and cures for a large variety of ailments since the early 1900s. So why is it that using it is so controversial? And is it the palliative it really promises to be?