Blog Tour Review: Joe by HD Gordon

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A psychopath planning a massacre. A stuttering young girl with disturbing visions of the future. Six ordinary people who will all be in the line of fire come the day of the disaster.

Joe Knowe is not a boy. She is twenty-one years old, and she sees things before they happen; bad things, and the worst thing she has ever faced is just around the corner. A madman is going to shoot up the college Joe attends. The trouble is, her gift is stingy on the details she needs to divert the impending tragedy. Now, Joe has four days to figure out the mystery and save the lives of many.

From the author of The Alexa Montgomery Saga comes a tense tale that glimpses the mind of a genuine psychopath, follows an unlikely hero, and explores real-life terror in a race against time that will leave the reader breathless.


A psychological suspense with all the makings of a bestseller, Joe will keep the reader on the edge of their seat by hanging Monday over their heads. The author intricately weaves this tale by showing us the lives and thoughts of the Psychopath, the unfortunate hero, and many of the potential victims in the days leading up to the horrific event planned for Monday.

The author knows human nature well. The characters are flawed yet make reasonable, human decisions, and the reader is left feeling as though he knows them each intimately. Their fears and goals become yours. So when the author lets us know about a horrific event planned a few days later, the terror for each of these characters becomes multiplied. This is a rare talent, and one that people who love books by Stephen King or John Sanford will truly appreciate.