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Jane Austen Girl – A Timbell Creek Contemporary Romance
The very last thing on Grier McAllister’s Someday List is going back to Timbell Creek, Virginia, the town where she grew up. Timbell Creek holds too many bad memories for her, memories finally put to rest with a successful image consultant business in New York City and a hefty therapy bill. When an opportunity to choose a “Jane Austen Girl” for a visiting duke falls in her lap, the only catch that she must be from Grier’s hometown, Grier tells herself she’ll do what she needs to do and then leave it all behind for good. But Grier doesn’t count on finding that her mother is no longer the person she used to be. She certainly doesn’t plan on falling for an old boyfriend’s really hot brother! And it isn’t long before she begins to realize Timbell Creek is not only a part of who she was, but might be a part of who she is as well.

The Advocate (The Advocate Series Book 1)
For Sabre Orin Brown, life is good; she has it all…or would have, if only she could solve the mysterious disappearance of her brother. The search for her brother and her career as a juvenile court attorney collide when she defends a nine-year-old whose father will go to any length to obtain custody.

The Cloud Seeders
Serve Your Country, Conserve Your Water, Observe Your Neighbor – This is the slogan of the Sustainability Unit and of a country gone eco-hysterical. After nearly twelve months without rain and the hinges of the world barely still oiled, Thomas and his younger brother, Dustin, set out across a drought-ridden landscape in search of answers. What they discover along the way will change their lives, and their country, forever.

The Green Home Cleaning Guide: Clean Your House the Easy and Natural Way in Less than 30 Minutes a Day (Clean Green Minimalism Book 1)
Green cleaning is a much safer alternative to the harsh chemicals in commercial cleaning products. The Green Home Cleaning Guide combines green cleaning with minimalism to create a system that’s easy to implement and makes it simple for you to stay on top of your house cleaning chores. It walks you step-by-step through the process of cleaning your house using natural products and provides you with the tools and motivation you need to get your house clean and then keep it that way in less than 30 minutes a day.