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The Devil’s Tide: A Pirate Adventure Novel (Devil’s Fire Book 2)
Hostage-turned-pirate Kate Lindsay returns in this action-packed followup to The Devil’s Fire, and the last thing she wants is to go back to her mundane life in London. A young pirate narrowly avoids the gallows when the governor of the Bahamas enlists his aid in bringing Lindsay to justice. A pirate hunter returns to his old ways, with the demons of his past swiftly following his trail. A beautiful strumpet falls in league with Blackbeard, witnessing his despicable crimes firsthand, before she becomes a pawn in his schemes.

A tragic childhood act has been rippling out across 25 years and now, in New Orleans on the eve of Hurricane Katrina, it’s a tidal wave which will engulf everyone it touches. Julianna Jameson is leaving home. She packs a bag. She books a flight. She leaves a note on the kitchen counter. She departs her Boston home and disappears, without a warning, without a goodbye. For husband Scott, the initial shock carries a strange relief: their slide–from storybook soul mates to virtual strangers–could only end one way and it’s been a long time coming. And anyway, Julianna has always been… unconventional.

Sapphire and Shadow (A Woman’s Life Book 1)
Johanna Whitney does seem to have it all–beauty, intelligence, talent, and a rich husband whose genius has created stunning films. What she is desperately trying to cover up is just how tragically that life is coming unraveled. Her husband’s drug use, fueled by his fear of being unable to replicate his success, renders him incapable of showing her the love she once gave up everything for. Her closest friend is killed in a plane crash and even her daughter seems to prefer her husband’s latest young lover to her own mother. The harder Johanna works at trying to patch the holes of her life, the more things come undone. It all comes to a head on location in London. Johanna watches happiness slipping away and turns for comfort to a young British artisan. He tries to teach her to love herself again, and to dare to reach for happiness. Though he manages to awaken her emotions, her husband’s drug arrest in Italy and her daughter’s sudden illness make her realize she needs to go home–not to Los Angeles, but to New York.

Dutch Oven Cookbook. Easy Recipes about the art of Slow Cooking
Whether you’re an avid user of your Dutch Oven or you’re a novice wanting to dust off what will soon become the best cookware item in your kitchen, the Dutch Oven Cookbook is an invaluable tool in making lip-smacking meals for yourself and your loved ones. A vast collection of 78 mouth-watering recipes covering breads, soups, main courses and desserts, each recipe accompanied by a picture for reference.