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Long Time Coming
Eighteen years have passed since Joy’s childhood best friend, Jenny, met her death in a tragic car accident just a few days after their senior prom. A broken Joy left their small Kentucky hometown shortly after–determined never to come back. But when her father’s illness forces her to return, she realizes that neither time nor distance have truly healed her troubled soul. Plagued with nightmares of the accident and crippled by a vague fear whose source she can’t identify, Joy realizes that in order to move on she must face the truth behind several disturbing gaps in her memory of that fateful spring. But the only person who can help her is a man she despises–Jenny’s erstwhile boyfriend Jeff, now a respected doctor, whose carelessness as a teenager was the cause of Jenny’s horrendous death–and Joy’s own emotional destruction. Can she ever forgive? She may have no choice but to try. Because both the danger she sensed–and the childhood friendship she treasured–now suddenly seem very much alive…

Henry Wood: Edge of Understanding (Henry Wood Detective series Book 4)
Edge of Understanding continues the Henry Wood series’ genre-busting mysteries. Those who enjoy a shadowy criminal antagonist along the lines of Sherlock Holmes’ nemesis Moriarty will like the Enclave. 1955 has been a good year for Henry, now, someone wants to ruin it for him. A recent series of murders all appear to have connections to Henry, and it’s more than just a coincidence. Is there a new serial killer in the Big Apple? Is someone trying to set Henry up?

Cure: A Strandville Zombie Novel #1
Welcome to the Nixon Healing and Research Center, playground for the maniacal Dr. Howard Nixon whose medical research has him dabbling in the undead and has the women of Strandville disappearing. Desperate to find a cure for the lethal virus which turns its victims into zombies, Nixon kidnaps Miranda Penton, a security recruit with a past that won’t let her go. He doesn’t count on anyone coming looking for her, least of all her ex-husband, Scott. A warning call brings Scott to Strandville where he bands together with a team of locals determined to bring their own loved ones home. Together, they infiltrate Nixon’s staff, hatching a plan that releases not only the surviving women, but the virus on those left in the hospital.

Fast Freezer Meals: 46 Delicious and Quick Gluten-Free Slow Cooker Recipes for Make-Ahead Meals That Will Save Your Time and Improve Your Health (Weight Loss Series Plan)
Most of these recipes can be prepared in no more than 30 minutes and then just effortlessly cooked in your crockpot when you’re at work or doing your business!
-I included a shopping list inside to save your precious time. -No matter if you are gluten intolerant or not – these meals are delicious, healthy and suitable for everyone! -In this book you will also find freezing and thawing safety guide.