Blog Tour Book Review: Souless by Amber Garr

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When it comes to death and love…only one is guaranteed.

Four decades ago Nora died. A tragic event for someone so young; however, four decades ago Nora was also given a second chance to walk among the living.

A Death Warden with a mysterious past, her job is to escort the newly expired towards the light, battling with the Soul Hunters who want the freshly dead to help with their own evil purposes buried in the dark.

When Nora’s charges suddenly become targets, she realizes that the hunters are after far more than just souls. A shift in power between good and evil threatens to change everything, risking the lives of the only family Nora has ever known.

Devastated and angry, she’s forced to face the man she once loved – a man who chose darkness over her – in order to find the answers she needs to stop the horror from escalating. Yet, while a lost relationship still haunts her broken heart, a new Warden with secrets of his own will enter the mix and quickly alter everything Nora believed to be true.

Death is unavoidable…but sometimes, so is love.


Nora is older than she looks, but she still remembers how to live and how to love. But that’s the problem. The one she gave her heart to tore it from her chest in a horrid betrayal, and just when she starts putting her life back together, the facade of her world shatters like thin ice.

Soulless is a promising start to a YA Paranormal. It’s mysteries will keep you guessing and turning pages. There is non-stop action and plenty of hormone-charged romance. Overall it’s a fun read that builds an interesting world of Wardens and Hunters who battle each other in our realm while living in their own worlds. The author does a good job of keeping things simple and is a gentle guide through this multi-dimensional dark fantasy. Consider making this one your next read!