Blog Tour Book Review: Alice’s Insurrection

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(Third and final installment of the Alice Clark Series.) Alice returns home in ruins but remains the strongest one of her Fallen family. With Cole at her side, they prepare for one final battle as the world they live in begins to crumble. As her abilities grow, determined to save the Fallen, Nephilim and all of mankind. Alice stands against God, Rogziel and all those who dare to hurt her family. To save everyone she must decide to choose to fulfill a destiny set in motion many years ago. Even if it kills her.


In a story of angels and Nephilim, Alice is the ultimate female anti-hero. The daughter of a fallen angel, she is taking her fight all the way to god to save the Fallen, the Nephilim, and all of mankind. It’s not unrealistic to think of God’s standard of purity and punishment for impurity to be too high or too costly, so making Him and the angels into the bad guys has become a common theme in recent dark fantasy. The Apocalypse is supposed to be the ultimate punishment of an unjust judge, so saving the world from it would be the ultimate sacrifice for a hero like Alice. I’m reminded of the movie, Legion, or the second season of the anime, Black Butler. This book tackles the subject in it’s own original way, but it makes a person think about what is right and what is wrong…just and unjust…if this life is all that we have and if He had not already created a Savior…