Blog Tour Book Review: The Blue Effect



Blue Brennan is jaded and bitter despite her pinup girl looks and a quick wit. Night after night she scours the Seattle club scene looking for someone or something to fill the emptiness inside.

When she meets the mysterious Kasey, her world stops on its axis… literally. He claims she has the ability to control time and stuns her even further when he reveals his own gifts.
Blue is inexplicably drawn to Kasey and reluctantly enters his world filled with a new breed of humanity, each with amazing powers of their own. They’re misfits like her, blessed or cursed with powerful abilities, struggling to hide their differences while pitting their powers against injustice.

Then the group discovers the existence of a nameless, faceless sociopath with nightmarish powers, and his sights are set on Blue. But Blue and her unique gifts are not only his target, they are also the key to defeating him and saving them all.

Now she must race against the clock to harness her own powers and save her new friends. Can she be more than a renegade? Can she be a hero too?


Is there any color more vibrant than blue? And is there any character more vivid? In this urban fantasy novel, Blue starts out rough and bitter, jaded by the whole world — so for most young people who have grown up during this “Great Recession,” she’s very easy to relate to. But her character is much more complex than that, and when she meets Kasey, not only does she start to open up, time literally stops.

This gradually unfolding story will draw you in and keep the pages turning, the characters are both interesting and charismatic. They will make you feel like they are long lost friends instead of just characters in the story. YA readers will find the underpinning of the story both recognizable as a thread common among the generation today and original enough to stand on its own. Once the last page turns, you’ll be watching the clock for the next book!