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Divide & Conquer
When ex-CIA operative Sean Fox returns from Afghanistan, he’s expecting an easy life. As far as everyone who knew him is concerned, he’s already dead. And as far as the Mexican drug cartel and the Russians are concerned, dead is what he should be. Within hours of what should have been a relaxing homecoming, Sean is fighting the greatest battle of his life and trying desperately to save the wife and child of a man he never knew. Divide & Conquer is the action packed opener to a scintillating new series…

Hindsight: Out of the Blue (#1)
Start at the beginning…
You want to know how it all began.
How I fell for her? How I started to love…?
You want to know how I met Oliver Weston. How I grew to hate him? Why I did what I did?
You want to know how it all began?
Because every story has a beginning, doesn’t it?

The Clear Blue Line
For Jack Savage, finding the clear blue line means hitting that perfect spot in the ocean where everything comes together. The visibility is good, the diving is easy, and the fish are plentiful. And if there’s a hint of buried treasure? Even better. But whenever Jack and his friends go out in a boat, all they find is trouble. Fearless, reckless, always up for a challenge, Jack’s single-minded pursuit of perfection drifts off course when he finds himself torn between two strong, beautiful women and discovers the most dangerous sharks aren’t always in the ocean.

Salad Dressing Recipes for Every Kitchen: Top 52 Easy Salad Dressing Recipes You Wish You Knew
In the first chapter, you will read about the history of salad dressings and where all the inspiration comes from plus bonus recipes of classic favorites. The second chapter is filled with spice and herb-based dressings, which is perfect for those who love natural flavorings. In the third and fourth chapters, you will be interested to know that vegetables and fruits cannot only be a part of a salad but also become delicious dressing ingredients themselves.