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When Roric was born little did he know that his family would die violently as he watched and that his world would crumble only to later find himself chained into the life of a slave forced to survive in the world of the arena where every match meant death for someone, but he survived and one day he escaped.

A Warrior’s Redemption is the beginning of a family saga that starts with a boy named Roric. He lives on a distant world that is full of unrest, where disputes are settled by the sword. Little is known of how they came to this world, only that they came from a place known as Earth, in the distant past. How they came is a mystery that some want to discover again while others would gladly die to keep those secrets from ever seeing the light of day. Roric’s father tired of keeping the secrets of his ancestors, from the people of his nation, forsakes his family’s oath, and leaves to find peace in another land. Little did he know that the wickedness of the land that he settles in would kill him and all his family, except for his oldest son, Roric. Roric, embittered by seeing the death of his family, finds himself sold into slavery. He becomes a survivor in the arena, where man is matched to the death against man and beast alike. He escapes only to pursue a life of vengeance against those who afflicted him and killed his family. Tormented by a life without peace, he remembers the guiding words of his mother, which open up a path of redemption that becomes the guiding influence of his life. Through acts of intrigue and deception he is lead to the awareness of the darker menace within a spiritual world that is unseen, but that he is no less involved in. He travels to the land of his ancestors, a place of majestic mountains and the valleys that lie between them that are settled by a people that exist in peace only because of the warriors that have fought and died to keep them so. It is in protecting these people that Roric finds a reason worth fighting for. He grapples with the long held secrets of his family and unlike his father before him, decides to fight so that his people can remain free. He rises above his humble past to become a leader that inspires a nation in its fight for survival and becomes a legend.

Interview with the Author

Readers Realm: Which came first, the title or the novel?
Guy Stanton III: The novel came first. It started out as a story for my wife, which I ran out of gas writing at about page forty. Three years later I picked the story up again and added over a hundred thousand words to it. I never intended for the book to become a series, but it just seemed to be a natural progression as the stories unfolded in my imagination. It’s been a great experience and I enjoy my place in life as an author of highly entertaining and inspiring Christian fiction!

How did you come up with the title?
Guy: Early on I knew it was going to have a lot to do with warriors and the such. When it became clear to me that there was going to be a series of books I also for continuity sake wanted book titles that were going to be related to each other. I also wanted each title to be somehow indicative of the major emotion occurring within each book so hence the series titles (A Warrior’s Redemption #1, A Warrior’s Journey #2, A Warrior’s Legacy #3, A Warrior’s Return #4, A Warrior’s Revenge #5). All in all I think the naming of the series came out very well.

What inspired you to write this book?
Guy: I was an avid reader growing up, but not a writer. Then one day I had this urge to create my own avenues of imagination and not just be a spectator. I’d written several poems through the years, but I jumped into story telling by writing a short civil war army field hospital story involving a nurse and a wounded Major for my wife, who I was dating at the time. She loved it and within the first year of marriage I started A Warrior’s Redemption although I didn’t finish that until three years later. I have a great thirst for adventure and the discovering of mysteries and those character traits along with God’s continual blessing of inspiration has kept the plotlines of stories rolling ever since then.

Be honest, how many drafts did you have to write for this book?
Guy: To be honest I’ve lost count. There was a point when I was writing early on that I knew what I was writing was terrible, but in the same moment in the back of my head there was this urging to just keep writing. “Keep writing” was the thought and one day when I was a better writer I’d go back and fix the early parts of the story. Well that’s pretty much how it worked. Through numerous re-edits I re-wrote the entire first part of the book and reshaped and updated the book as a whole. In general I hate editing and the finished product that my books are in now is due in large part to the superlative efforts of my wife Mary and my editor Susan Smith.

Where is your favorite place to write (i.e. in the kitchen, at a coffee shop)?
Guy: My favorite place to write is a tough one to nail down. I do a lot of writing when I’m doing something else repetitive like driving or mowing the lawn. Later I write down what I daydreamed up much like pressing the rewind button on an old VCR machine. Instead of the atmosphere being silent I often prefer to have noise in the background such as kids screaming or a movie playing. Fortunately both of those are never in short supply it seems in my household.

And lastly, what is your favorite book?
Guy: My favorite book written by another author is Fair Blows the Wind by Louis L’Amour. In regards to my own books A Warrior’s Redemption is close to being number one, but Book 3 of the series, A Warrior’s Legacy is my favorite in the series and throughout my other series. However first place is always subject to change. It is my fervent hope that the best is yet to come in my literary career. That being said, if I never write another book I am more than blessed to have authored the thirteen books that I have to date.


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