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Jesobel Vine wants nothing more than to be a typical Pyxian teenager. She wants to ride her horse, Firefly, shoot her bow, and fall in love with her dreamy best friend, Glyn. But Jesobel is marked not only as the future Royal Starkeeper of Pyxis, but as the Heart of Azimuth—the one to lead her people back to their lost realm—a burden too dangerous for daydreams. As Jesobel struggles to accept her destiny, reluctantly studying mystic magic, she becomes doubtful she will ever be worthy to rule. And when her fiery temper enrages the daemon-possessed Starkeeper of Equuleus with a hex-gone-wrong —igniting an orphic war—Jesobel must find a way to alter the global disaster foretold by a celestial legend.


One of my favorite authors of all time is Neil Gaiman, and the first book of his that I read was Stardust. The story of fairy-like gypsies takes a backseat to the main story line in his book, but with Quickbane, they are front and center in the form of Pyxies. The horse-loving, nomadic people have magic weaved into their culture so deeply that it is second nature to them and they cannot be separated from it, and I love how the author immerses us into the culture of their kind so completely, that we understand the character motivations from the start.

Jesobel Vine has been chosen since birth for a destiny she has no idea she’s a part of. She and her horse, Firefly, are kindred spirits that were even born on the same day. Together they have a connection that makes them inseparable. If you are a horse-lover, this book will definitely draw you in with the relationship created between Jesobel and Firefly. Luckily, I’m a horse lover as well as a lover of Fantasy, and this intricately woven story grabbed me from the beginning and left me wanting more. This will be a series to watch for!


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