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A Sweet Christian Romance
Kate Polson loves fashion, Chicago city life and her ex-boyfriend, Trevor—so she thinks. Since Trevor left the big city and returned to his hometown of Wintervale, Colorado, Kate can’t get him out of her mind. So when he asked her to come to Wintervale and help revive an old newspaper, she couldn’t refuse. It would give her a chance to win him over and convince him to return to Chicago with her.

The mountainous dry wilderness surrounding small-town Wintervale boasts the opposite of everything Kate loves. If her plan succeeds, Trevor will be on the plane to Chicago with Kate in the fall. When she arrives in Wintervale and meets another man, her world is turned upside down.

Will Stonen loves his serene life as a park ranger at Mesa Verde National Park, until feisty Kate rumbles into town and rattles his quiet existence. But as Will watches his dearest friend die of cancer, he struggles to find God’s peace in the midst of his tumultuous life.

Just when Kate believes she is getting through to Will and a spark of love ignites, she realizes Will can’t offer the love she so desperately wants.

Will Kate learn to trust God’s timing? Can Will learn the power of trust before it’s too late for Kate’s love?

About the Author

Author Julie Pollitt grew up in Denver, Colorado at the base of the Rocky Mountains. She quickly fell in love with the history of Denver and the frontier. Throughout her life she traveled all over the country and the world, but always loved coming back to Colorado.

For many years Julie worked for a pipeline construction company handling payroll in the field. She loved her coworkers and had the opportunity to work in many different states. It was on one of the jobs where she met her husband, John.

Julie now lives in Southwestern Florida with her husband and two boys. She spends a great deal of time volunteering at her church and the school her boys attend. Julie is most content when she is hanging out with her family, writing, or drinking a Starbucks. Although she does miss the snow and loves breaking out a sweater when the weather turns cold.

Julie worked as an editor at a small town newspaper in Southwest Colorado, in the Four Corners region. She has seen her work published in the Cortez Newspapers, USA Today, and eHow. She has also published several devotions.

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Interview with the Author

  • How do you approach tough or touchy subjects in your books?

I tend to be a little more on the conservative side. I like books that are lighthearted and fun, so I try to stick to those subjects. In Finding Kate I have a character that is terminally ill and it’s a tough subject to write about. It’s heartbreaking to watch someone go through an illness, but it’s a part of each of our lives. I hope that the reader will feel that even in the midst of these circumstances there is hope and we can find comfort in God.

  • Who is your favorite character from your book? Why?

It has to be Kate. She is a fish-out-of-water and tends to mess things up as she goes along. She starts out with an idea of how life should be, but ends up going in a completely different direction. Throughout the book, she learned so much about herself and how she needed to change. It’s important for us all to learn to change with grace. I don’t like change, so I don’t have a lot of room to talk, but I think I learned a few things from Kate.

  • Who is your least favorite character? Why?

I can’t say that I have a least favorite character. I liked them all, but sometimes those pesky characters try to go in their own direction. As the writer, you’d think we would have control of our characters, but they can get a little hardheaded and go their own direction.

  • What are some facts about your book that readers may not know?

Finding Kate takes place in the Four Corners area. It’s a beautiful area that is home to the Navajo people and to Mesa Verde National Park. The area gets visitors from all over the world checking out the ancient ruins and the Navajo reservation just down the road. The Navajo are an amazing tribe. When I lived in the area I would go to the grocery store or to a local restaurant and get to hear them speak their language, I even learned a couple words! I loved living among them and learning about their culture.

  • What was your biggest challenge while writing “Finding Kate”?

Finding time to write! It have two young boys and we stay pretty busy. I have to learn to make myself sit down and write. It’s not always easy to find time or be inspired.

  • Was writing “Finding Kate” easier or harder than you thought it would be?

It was harder than I thought it would be. I set it aside for a while and went back to it. I had to make a lot of changes and it was tough.

  • Any new projects?

I have a new novel coming out in the next couple weeks, A Land to Call Her Own. It’s an historical that takes place in Denver City, Colorado in 1865. It’s about a young woman that travels to Denver City, at the base of the Rocky Mountains, to live with her estranged father in hopes that they will renew their relationship. She finds herself up against the odds and a cattle baron that wants their land and their lives.

  • Are you a procrastinator? If yes, list top 3 things you do when you are procrastinating. If no, what top 3 things do you do to avoid it?

I am the worst procrastinator. I can find plenty of things to do instead of writing.

  1. Cleaning house, which is funny because I don’t like to clean.
  2. Surfing the Internet looking at other books. Seriously, I could spend all day doing this.
  3.  Combing the house for chocolate. If I can’t find it, I am forced to go to the grocery store. Aren’t we all?
  • What do you like to do in your spare time?

I spend a lot of time at my kids’ school. I love to volunteer in the front office or in the classroom. It’s fun to be a part of their elementary school lives. I’m on the PTA and try to do as much as I can for them and for the school.

  • What are you reading now?

I am reading One Foot Out the Door by Debby Mayne. She is one of my favorite authors! I love her books!

What is next on your TBR list? Cowboys Don’t Cry by Debra Lynn Collins. Anything with a cowboy gets my attention!

  • Top 3 things readers can do to support their favorite authors?

Authors love to hear from their readers, so email us anytime! If readers love the books they can share it on their Facebook page, leave a review on Amazon, and tell their friends about the book! We sure appreciate it.

  • Top 3 goals for the rest of 2015
  1. I need to spend more time writing! It’s not always easy to find the time to write, but it’s something I love to do.
  2. Clean the house more – oh wait, I need to spend more time writing. So…
  3. Eat better. I think that’s everyone’s goal. I do not seem to have an ounce of will power, so this is a tough one for me. As long as I can keep coffee in my life, I can probably make it happen.